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Trojan Demonstrates Its Commitment To Product Development

The Trojan Manufacturing Group has just announced its latest product development that again demonstrates its commitment to innovative and customer-focussed design. The development is the Combi stainless steel range, an extension of the already popular all-stainless steel range.

The stainless steel range of letterplates, door handles, letters, numbers and door knockers has been one of Trojan’s biggest recent successes. But feedback from customers demonstrated that the range had further to go. Tony Chadwick, Trojan’s Group Managing Director, explains, “Customers were telling us just how valuable an addition to their portfolios our stainless steel range was. But they also told us there was a big market for products that used stainless steel on external faces but other materials on inner faces. Such products would bring the benefits of stainless steel to projects with smaller budgets.”

This feedback has led to an extension to the stainless steel letterplate and door handle offerings with the introduction of the Combi range. The Combi range comprises Standard and Premium options to maximise the market coverage. The Standard range has a stainless steel external face and standard white/black inner faces while the Premium range has a stainless steel external face and zinc chrome or gold PVD inner. To avoid confusion, the all-stainless steel letterplates and door handles will be known as the Elite range. All products are available now and are already proving to be very popular.

The Trojan Group’s commitment to product development is a cornerstone of its ethos. This latest product development demonstrates it is as committed to finding innovative ways to solve old problems and meeting the needs of its customers as ever.

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