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The Perspicacity Life
21st June 2024
New Locksmith marketing company owned by a Locksmith My name is Craig Andres and I am the owner of ‘The Perspicacity Life’ locksmith marketing company. TPL have made advertising your locksmith business, shop or trade unit much easier in 2024. … Continue reading
Boom, boom, boom
29th July 2021
By Victor Southern, Lockdecoders As we know the economy reopened in full on June 21st and every forecast from every authority says we are in for such rapid re-growth that it will be a boom, a serious boom. Some economists … Continue reading
Some Reflections on wise buying (and other skills) by Vic Southern
21st September 2020
Just about every day we hear of some poor soul who was swindled out of his/her life savings by a conman. Just this past week I have had two phishing emails attempting to get me to click onto attacks on … Continue reading
Winning the efficiency war
21st September 2020
Being efficient is always a good idea. The problem is this comes more naturally to some of us than to others. Benjamin Dyer of Powered Now looks at how to be efficient and make the most of your business circumstances. … Continue reading
Security Advice leaflet for closed businesses launched
17th April 2020
To support businesses in managing their security during the coronavirus pandemic, Secured by Design, the Police Digital Security Centre and the National Counter Terrorism Security Office have put together a leaflet containing the Top 10 Security Tips for Closed Business … Continue reading
Digitally Aware Certification Scheme Available Free to All SBD Members
17th April 2020
The Police Digital Security Centre (PDSC) is offering all members of Secured by Design the opportunity to participate in the Digitally Aware Certification scheme for free. The PDSC’s Digitally Aware certification scheme, developed exclusively in collaboration with BSI, aims to … Continue reading
Big ideas for small businesses
5th October 2018
Astra Door Controls MD Phil Gallagher has been working with Small Business Standards (SBS), the European Commission organisation representing the interests of SMEs in Europe, to help improve the way in which European Standards can help small businesses innovate and … Continue reading