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100th Anniversary Collector Padlock and Key Chain
22nd February 2021
Throughout the past century, Master Lock has given peace of mind and protection to millions of people across the globe whether it be where they live, work or play. Now, to celebrate a remarkable milestone – its 100th anniversary – … Continue reading
World-beating Squire Stronghold® SS100 range expands
21st August 2020
It doesn’t get any tougher than Squire’s ultra heavy-duty Stronghold® SS100 padlock, and now there’s a bigger choice. The super-hero SS100 is recognised as the world’s strongest production padlock.  And it is the only padlock ever to achieve The Loss … Continue reading
Something for everything, but not a ‘one for all’…
21st August 2020
Thieves are causing more damage to break into vans lately, so says Luke Powell of Trade Vehicle Locks (TVL), but with the ProtektaPlate range, van owners can preserve the most vulnerable part of the vehicle or repair the damage inexpensively … Continue reading
Squire STH3 hasp & staple is SBD certified for outbuildings
21st August 2020
Security specialist Squire’s STH3 hasp and staple is designed for extra high security of domestic buildings. This CEN grade 4 rated hasp and staple fits 13mm shackle padlocks and comes with Secured by Design (SBD) and Sold Secure certification. It … Continue reading
In the business of securing leisure vehicles
21st August 2020
Milenco has led the market in the British design and engineering of mechanical security products to protect leisure vehicles, cars and motorcycles since 1993, specialising in mechanical systems that thwart and beat the best thieves in the world. Based in … Continue reading
Van Security Protects Mental Health and Your Tools
12th June 2020
We are all different, and studies show that we all have varied emotional responses to the same situations. Being a victim of crime is no different. Many people are surprised by the psychological impact being a victim of even a … Continue reading
Relcross Auto Equalizer Easy Equality Access For All
31st January 2018
Many organisations are recognising that some of their staff or visitors would struggle to operate some of the doors regularly encountered on their premises. One solution is the installation of LCN Auto Equalizers, distributed in the UK by Relcross. These … Continue reading