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Stay cool and safe at work with Snickers Workwear Summer Topwear
1st July 2022
Comfort and protection for work in the summer weather. From top to toe and inside out, Snickers Workwear clothing will look after your wellbeing and working efficiency on site this summer. For sunny weather, there’s new LiteWork topwear and accessories that … Continue reading
Snickers LiteWork 37.5® Work Shorts – For Cooling Comfort This Summer
1st June 2022
Lightweight Work Shorts – designed to deliver superior comfort and freedom of movement. Great for summer working on site, these lightweight Work Shorts have a street-smart fit with a cool working comfort in warm conditions. They’re made of quick-drying 37.5® … Continue reading
Snickers Workwear LITEWork Trousers – For Cool Comfort This Summer
3rd May 2022
Long-lasting, innovative new fabrics for comfort, sustainability and longevity. While Fabric, Functionality and Fit are hallmarks of Snickers Workwear, it’s the innovation and sustainable fabric technology in the design of the new LITEWork Work Trousers that really set them apart … Continue reading
Snickers New LITEWork Working Clothes
1st April 2022
Long-lasting, innovative new fabrics for comfort, sustainability and longevity. Clothes change as the seasons do.  That’s why Snickers Workwear’s LITEWork working clothes combine superior comfort and protection for working in spring and summer on site. With sustainability at the core … Continue reading
Snickers Workwear to weatherproof your workday
4th March 2022
You can count on real comfort and protection from the rain with Snickers Workwear’s AllroundWork and FlexiWork Jackets for professional tradesmen and women. Stay dry, warm and comfortable by choosing from a range of water-repellent jackets that will keep you … Continue reading
Snickers Workwear Climate Control – Baselayer Underwear
4th January 2022
Dressing for the cold is like building a house – start with a good foundation. The Snickers Workwear Baselayer clothing for professional tradesmen and women uses high-tech breathable fabrics for ventilation and body moisture transport for sustainable warmth and comfort. … Continue reading
The New Snickers Workwear Body-Mapping Pile Jacket
1st December 2021
Taking working comfort and layering systems to a whole new level. The Snickers Workwear climate control system includes functional base layers, insulating mid layers and weather-protective outer layers. These technically advanced working clothes allow craftsmen and craftswomen to adjust to … Continue reading
Snickers Workwear – Work Together With You For Climate Control
12th November 2021
New styles from Snickers Workwear deliver winter warmth and cooling comfort when you need it. Not only will you stay warm with Snickers Workwear’s 37.5® Technology clothing, you’ll look and feel cool too. With styles for both professional tradesmen and … Continue reading
Stride out in the All-NEW Work Trousers from Snickers Workwear
1st October 2021
Snickers Workwear = Comfort = Wellbeing and Improved Performance. Snickers Workwear is continuing to make great strides in Work Trousers design and functionality while still increasing its commitment to environmental responsibility. Sustainable fabrics, body-mapping designs and improved performance are key … Continue reading
Climate Control Baselayers – For the Summer and Autumn Months
3rd September 2021
Snickers Workwear will give your workday working clothes a good foundation. Upgraded, Innovative and Sustainable – Snickers Workwear ‘Climate Control’ clothing delivers exceptional comfort and performance. There’s a range of garments that use socially and environmentally responsible fibre technology such … Continue reading
Keep Your Hands Comfortable and Protected
2nd August 2021
Work Gloves for Healthy Hands that deliver Precision and Protection Snickers Workwear now has an extensive collection of Work Glove styles in a wide range of sizes, developed for different workplaces and tasks – designed for dexterity, durability, comfort and … Continue reading
Snickers LiteWork Workwear – making light work of warm weather
9th July 2021
Snickers Workwear = Comfort = Wellbeing and Improved Performance. The 2021 LITEWork clothing range delivers great thermal comfort in warmer months with light, quick drying fabrics that will keep you cool and comfortable all day. The new range of ‘Rip … Continue reading
Snickers Workwear For Summer – Cooling Technology and Verifiable Sustainability
11th June 2021
Snickers Workwear = Comfort = Wellbeing and Improved Performance. Everyone wants to be cool, and comfortable at work this summer – and to do their bit for saving the planet. That’s why Snickers Workwear has integrated improved 37.5® fabric technology and … Continue reading
Snickers Workwear Stretch Shorts – For Street-Smart Comfort This Summer
30th April 2021
Brand NEW Men’s and Women’s Work Shorts for the flexible working environment – designed for superior comfort and freedom of movement. Combining 4-way stretch fabric that delivers working comfort all day with street-smart, slim-fit designs, Snickers Work Shorts are great … Continue reading