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Burg-Wächter Boasts Range of ECB.S Certified Safes
19th July 2023
If you’re looking to offer your customers the very best security for their most treasured valuables, look no further than the range of safes offered by leading security company, Burg-Wächter. Undergoing rigorous testing, these safes have been tested by VdS … Continue reading
Burg-Wächter Fireproof Box Offers Ultimate Protection
10th May 2023
Give your customers the very best protection for their priceless documents with the FireProtect FP22K cash box by leading security specialist, Burg-Wächter. Offering optimal protection against fire, this handy document box is sure to be a hit with your customers. … Continue reading
Burg-Wächter Boasts Range of ECB.S Certified Safes
15th November 2022
Undergoing rigorous testing, these safes have been tested by VdS and accredited by ECB.S to offer relentless protection against burglars and on specific models, fire as well. They are available with a variety of locking systems to suit both private … Continue reading
Health Charity Safer with New Safe from Burg-Wächter’s Secure Communities Scheme
9th September 2022
A mental and physical health support charity serving people living in Wiltshire, Carmarthenshire and Norfolk has won the support of Burg-Wächter UK’s ‘Secure Communities Scheme’. The security specialist singled out an application from Gul Outdoor Therapy to its scheme, and … Continue reading
A Guide to Secure Firearms Storage
10th June 2022
The conditions of a firearm or shot gun certificate stipulate that guns must be stored securely to prevent access by an unauthorised person as per Firearms Rules 1998. It is an offence not to comply with these conditions. In most … Continue reading
What ‘stay safe’ meant – and still means – for the safe and security sector
18th May 2022
We have all seen changes to the way people work throughout the Covid pandemic; particularly how many people have made the switch the either fully remote working or flexible/hybrid working. For many different reasons, a large proportion have chosen to … Continue reading
Hot new fire protective safe from Burg-Wächter
1st April 2022
Burg-Wächter, Germany’s security specialist, has launched the latest addition to its extensive safe range – the brand-new FP 44 E Fire Protective Safe – offering superior protection against burglary and fire. Durable design Featuring a double-walled body and door that … Continue reading
Leading SBD electronic safe brand launches in UK
16th September 2021
Keynetics Ltd is a division of SentriLock LLC, the leading electronic key safe manufacturer and service provider in the USA. Launching in the UK after 15 successful years of providing an innovative key safe solution, Keynetics Ltd has evolved with … Continue reading
Trusted innovation in the most demanding of environments
25th June 2021
Established in 1973, Securikey has been a trusted partner to many UK companies and institutions, supplying a comprehensive range of innovative safety and security products which meet the most demanding of environments and specifications. Combining technical expertise and knowledge of … Continue reading
Making the Grade
30th April 2021
In the current economic climate there is a temptation for retailers, installers and manufacturers to engage in a race to the bottom.  Ultimately this race will lead to so called “safes” that are nothing more than glorified cash boxes that … Continue reading
Safe installers: how to make ‘working from home’ work for you…
16th April 2021
With Covid-19 restrictions slowly but surely easing, a certain amount of normality seems to be on the horizon. However, one aspect of the pandemic has been predicted to outlast any other, and that’s working from home. On top of extra … Continue reading
SAFEty first – Burg-Wächter unveils revised safe range
11th January 2021
Burg-Wächter, Europe’s largest manufacturer of safes and post boxes has updated its entire range of market-leading safes with redesigned modern locking mechanisms and improved security ratings. Mark Pearson, Commercial Director at Burg-Wächter UK said: “The COVID-19 lockdowns have seen most … Continue reading
11th January 2021
British Safe and Vault Trade Association (formerly Eurosafe UK) was established in February 2011 as the UK associate of its parent organisation, Eurosafe in mainland Europe. Over the last 18 months we have undertaken a series of updates to better … Continue reading
Chubbsafes – Trusted the world over. A complete range of home and residential safes
21st December 2020
Chubbsafes the safe brand that is ‘Trusted the world over’ has just become even better with exciting changes and innovations to its market leading range of home and residential safes. Chubbsafes is arguably the only brand of safes that your … Continue reading