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Vbh Add Hybrid Hinge

Hardware distributor VBH (GB) has now added the Sigma Hybrid door hinge to its ever expanding range of greenteQ suited door and window hardware and furniture.

Hybrid sits alongside the existing greenteQ Sigma flag hinge. VBH claim that it offers the best features of a flag hinge (ample adjustment, outstanding weight capacity etc), along with those of a butt hinge (slim yet strong 2-knuckle frame body construction, fitter-friendly, narrow sight-lines etc).

The hinge is available in white, polished gold and chrome, black and tan to colour match with the rest of the greenteQ range and has been designed to meet and surpass the requirements of the current security test, PAS024.

Hybrid is suitable for inward and outward opening doors and will fit profiles with a sash upstand from 13-24mm without the need to fit plastic packers under the frame body.

VBH Marketing Manager Gary Gleeson states “Our Sigma flag hinge is very well received by most who see it but there are door manufacturers out there who simply don’t like the flag concept. Until now they’ve struggled to find an alternative with all the necessary functions at the right price, but initial interest and sales point to the fact that Sigma Hybrid meets all their selection criteria.’

More information can be requested from VBH or downloaded from

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