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Celebrating Record Sales In Milestone Year

Pioneering safety company, Jackloc, has celebrated its 10th anniversary with record sales.

The British family-run firm launched the Jackloc, the original universal cable window restrictor, in 2003.

It has since gone from strength to strength, selling more than half a million of its unique, award-winning locks all over the world, from Russia to Australia, Mexico to Arabia.

The Jackloc is a simple but exceedingly strong window and door restrictor, aimed at reducing the risk of falls from open windows.

A new ‘push-and-turn’ variation was recently unveiled, which can be secured without the need for a key.

The Jackloc was originally designed by technical building consultant, Derek Horne, after he heard a young child hanging out of a hotel window, screaming for help. The incident prompted him to invent the metal cable restrictor and name it after his grandson Jack.

Derek’s daughters Emma Wells and the late Deborah Jennings took up their father’s idea and turned Jackloc into a global success story, on course for record sales this year. The Leicestershire-based company is now run by Emma and her sister Judith Burrows.

As well as building up the business to become a leader in its field, the family are passionate safety campaigners, crusading to save lives by raising awareness of the dangers of unrestricted windows and restricted windows.

According to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA), around 4,000 children (aged 0-15) are injured, some fatally, falling from windows in the UK each year.

Emma, Director of Jackloc, believes window restrictors should be compulsory on all windows, from ground floor windows to top floor windows. She said that, as well as young children, vulnerable adults, such as the UK’s growing number of dementia sufferers, were also at risk of falls from open windows.

“It is our mission to save lives and reduce injuries. Without window restrictors, it can be all too easy for an adventurous toddler or a confused elderly person to open a window, with tragic consequences,” she said.

Jacklocs are fitted in care homes, hospitals, schools, student accommodation, high-rise flats and hotels all over the globe, including the Ritz hotel in London and 20,000 Travelodge rooms across the UK.

Easily fitted to any type of window frame, new or old, the Jackloc works by connecting a window or door to its frame with a metal cable, which restricts its opening to 10cm.

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“The price of safety cannot be measured”


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