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Unique Ranges Have Something For Everyone

A wide range of conventional or reversible cylinders, such as the Sigma+, ix 6SR or ix DAS with dealer profiles, is available from Ronis-DOM.

The company’s reversible and conventional keys can be cut in-house and offer differing levels of security: the ix 6SR for example, incorporates a floating disc (pictured) making the key impossible to replicate by a non-authorised DOM service centre.

All the cylinders in these ranges are available in a variety of high quality finishes, and all have been designed under a patent protection or trademark key profile. This ensures a versatile and high quality solution for both commercial and residential applications – protection that gives peace of mind and also represents a secure, long term investment.

DOM service centre partners enjoy the freedom to build and manage their own master key systems with the full support and expertise of both customer service department and the technical team. There are three levels of partnership: bronze, silver or gold.

A locksmith is issued with a unique restricted key section, with the option of individual key stamping on request, as well as the DOM assembly box and starter kit which contains everything needed to build cylinders in-house.

Also available is the DOM modular range, which provides customers with everything required to supply – quickly and easily – a variety of non-standard cylinder lengths and split finishes. Ideal for emergency call-outs.

One modular case starter kit enables no less than 2,500 combinations, ensuring that you can replace and build to suit your application wherever you are. This superior modular technology boasts both flexibility and versatility whatever the application. Its innovative design offers increased pull and anti-snap protection as standard. As you might expect from such a top end company, Ronis-DOM offers a 12 month guarantee – and any parts not used may be returned or exchanged for other parts.

Joanna Scott, marketing manager for Ronis-DOM told The Locksmith, “We are experiencing a high level of business from locksmiths across the country for this remarkable set up. With the flexibility to choose your own service level, there really is something for everyone.

The different levels of partnership offer individual options,” Joanna added. “For example, the bronze service centre level includes single coded cylinders, pre-cut keys, training, DOM modular kit, service box and sub-assembled cylinders; while the gold level service centre offers cylinder pinning, key cutting and branded keys all in-house for single coded cylinders, GMK and MK systems.

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