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Phillips Crypto Id46 Cloning On Tpx3 Now Available On Zedbull

We are pleased to announce that TPX3 cloning of id46 transponders is now available on the latest software download, once again this exciting new development is offered completely free of charge.

Many of the latest vehicles use the ID46 transponder and this will enable companies to clone substantially more vehicle keys including many vehicles still in production.

There has never been a better time to investing in cloning equipment as the market coverage for cloning is over 80% of keys in the market.

If you own a Zedbull already simply download the latest Free of charge update and you can clone ID46 transponders to either TK60 or TPX3 cloning transponders using your Zedbull PC software & Internet. For customers that want TPX3 cloning stand alone (no Internet) a TPH cloning module and software can be purchased for £785.00

Also included on the latest update is the ability to unlock various id46 remote keys such as Nissan, Honda & Saab. This enables you to reuse second hand remote keys on different vehicles.

Another feature of the latest software update is a vastly increased help menu with clear instructions on all the tasks your Zedbull will complete.

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