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Trojan Group Launches Trillion Hinge

The Trojan Group has just launched its latest product – the Trillion hinge. As with all Trojan products, the hinge is packed with design features that set the bar for innovation and quality in all areas.

One of the major features is the hinge’s unique design, which doesn’t rely on reinforced sections to achieve PAS 24. Tony Chadwick, the Trojan Group’s Managing Director said, “Not having reinforced sections is good for environmental reasons, but we didn’t want to compromise on strength as a consequence. Our unique design means that we don’t.”

Another key feature is the all-stainless steel construction, which gives the Trillion hinge ultimate corrosion resistance and strength. Using 304 pressed stainless steel means that Trojan is able to offer a 25+ year corrosion and mechanical guarantee.

Aside from these clear benefits, the Trillion hinge offers a myriad of benefits for the fabricator and installer. The hinges self-align vertically and laterally simultaneously during installation whilst speeding up the fabrication process. Installing the hinges is easy too, thanks to them being fully pre-assembled with no loose parts, full 3D and 360 degree compression adjustment and the integral click-stop feature that retains the compression adjustment.

Another unique feature is the door can be fitted, and removed, as a conventional flag hinge. Furthermore, the symmetrical design with integral sliding top pivot means the door sash can be simply lifted off.

It also has the benefit of a slim base (approximately 18mm) and shallow height (approximately 15mm), which mean the hinge has ample clearance if the plaster line protrudes. The hinge has been designed so it can be used in traditionally tricky installations too: the low pivot pin heights (approximately 15mm) mean doors can be fitted in recessed or restricted settings.

The homeowner hasn’t been forgotten in the Trillion hinge’s design either. Security is top notch thanks to the Eurogroove clamp block, which provides a consistently secure fixing, plus there is a PAS24 accredited high security option for situations where that’s needed. Finally, the hinge has been cycle tested to 100,000 cycles with an 80kg load on two hinges, providing the reassurance of longevity.

The Trojan Group is proud of its history of designing and manufacturing high quality hardware products that offer improvements on the traditional design. The Trillion hinge, with its all stainless steel construction and unique non-reinforced design, demonstrates that this history is very much part of the company’s present.

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