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New training academy driven by auto locksmiths

As 3D Group opens the doors on its new £100,000 auto locksmith academy, The Locksmith Journal booked a slot to catch up with the team behind the training. Except, after a Friday afternoon video chat with the team, it was revealed they aren’t ones behind the training after all – so to speak – and here’s why…

“When we go to trade shows, we always have demonstrations on our stand, training sessions and opportunities for auto locksmiths to get their hands on tools and equipment,” begins 3D Group’s Dean Sanderson. “The more we’ve done this, the more show attendees have fed back, they want more training. That’s exactly what we’ve done. The real driving force behind this new training academy is the base of real auto locksmiths that want to learn more.

“And, we’re not talking about training novices, with no experience, to come into the industry. Our training sessions are designed for working and experienced auto locksmiths to upskill, hone their craft and gain hands-on experience with evolving equipment and tools. There are plenty of video tutorials and online training resources available, but nothing beats being in a classroom with an instructor, combining the theoretical knowledge with the practical know-how.”


For many who know 3D Group, it may come as a surprise that they didn’t already have a training academy, as the company is well-known at shows for their displays and demonstrations; the team renowned throughout the sector for its experience and expertise. Opening the doors to a new academy seems the natural next step from the training and skills offered at these shows, and the schedule is sure to be popular – in fact classes have already started to take place…

Ashley Brucki added: “3D Group has always offered full support to our customers to properly use the products they buy and need for their businesses. Sometimes the equipment they buy doesn’t come with a manual, sometimes they have some resources but not enough, sometimes the process to guide them through a job isn’t clear or complete. All of this holds them back from developing their own skills and building a successful business. We want to help them do that.

“We will also support trainees with reference materials to take away with them following classes plus we have plans for webinars to supplement the sessions we hold at the training academy. Learning is an on-going process and we will help auto locksmiths progress at their own speed in the areas they want to learn in. Collaboration really is key.”


As well as the in-house trainers at 3D Group, the academy will have access to other auto experts that can provide specialist knowledge in their own fields. As the academy progresses and courses develop, the academy will always source the best trainers available for any given tool, topic or trend.

While the initial roster of classes and courses have been driven internally, there will be opportunity for auto locksmiths to suggest subjects or areas or interest they’d like to see covered too.

Greig Kember concludes: “We always look for a consultative and collaborative partnership with our customers and the training academy is the perfect example of that. Our industry is ever changing and evolving, so the academy will change and evolve as time goes on too. We want auto locksmiths to enhance their own skills but enhance the skills across the overall market too.

“The academy itself was born out of auto locksmiths requesting more training from us, beyond what we provide at shows. We want this training to be available to all of our customers. And we will continue to use feedback in future to drive the academy and the courses we provide.”

The Locksmith Journal will be keeping our readers updated on 3D Group’s new training academy throughout 2024, including courses available, feedback from real auto locksmiths taking the classes plus qualifications and certifications available. In the meantime, to find out more about 3D Group and the training academy, please visit