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The Importance of Door Closers: Safety, Security & Compliance

Whatever the shape, size, material, and weight of your door, fitting an appropriate door closer can help improve your building’s safety, security, accessibility, and energy efficiency. But what are the main functions and benefits of fitting door closers?

Controlling the Closing 

Door closers are spring-loaded hydraulic devices that close a door automatically and offer various functions depending on your needs. From an adjustable closing speed and delayed action to a hold-open function, adjustable latch action and back check, fitting a door closer can prevent future door damage, costly repairs, nasty accidents and unauthorised access.

The Capabilities of Door Closers 

Adjustable closing speed – You can adjust the speed at which your door closes to prevent potential injury and improve access.

Adjustable latch action – Improve your building’s security by controlling how fast your door closes for the last few inches to overcome any latch bolt resistance, ensuring it’s fully closed.

Delayed action – Allow more convenient access in busy areas by adjusting the time delay of your door’s closing from maximum opening.

Back check – The back check feature, which provides resistance when your door is opened with excessive force, prevents potential damage to your doors and walls and avoids costly repairs.

Hold open – Perfect for passageway doors and improved accessibility, the hold-open function allows your door to remain open at a set angle, usually 90 or 105 degrees. This function isn’t suitable for door closers fitted to fire doors.

Keep Your Building Safe 

Having door closers fitted to your doors can help reduce the risk of accidents happening in your building. By ensuring your doors close properly and securely and preventing them from slamming shut, you’ll reduce the risk of collisions, tripping and finger-trapping incidents. Along with reduced accident risk and improved energy efficiency, when fitted to a fire-rated door, an automatic door closer will help create a crucial barrier to stop the spread of flames and toxic smoke in a fire.

Improve Your Energy Efficiency

By automatically closing your doors, door closers will help improve your building’s energy efficiency — saving energy and reducing costs. Door closers help maintain a more consistent indoor temperature, keeping heat in during the winter and air-conditioned air inside during the summer.

Boost Your Building’s Security 

Door closers ensure your doors close properly, preventing unwanted access and improving the overall security of your building. You can also create controlled entries and exits by integrating your door closer with an access control system. This feature will allow you to restrict access to certain areas and ensure doors close and lock automatically after approved individuals have passed through.

Keep Your Building Compliant 

Door closers play a critical role in fire door safety. Fire doors must have a fire-rated door closer fitted to ensure they remain closed in the event of a fire and compartmentalise the building. Along with the fire door itself, a fire-rated door closer should be tested, certified, and regularly inspected and maintained.

How ZEROplus Can Help

Whether you need fire-rated or non-fire-rated door closers and whatever fixing type you prefer, our extensive range of surface-mounted, concealed overhead and floor spring closers will help keep your building safe, secure and compliant. Our fire-rated door closers have achieved BS EN 1634-1:2000 and our wealth of knowledge as a long-established door hardware specialist means our team is always here to help you find the door closers you need.