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Miracles are not cheap

…but, “we are with you all the way and in every way”

For 12 years Lockdecoders Ltd has been distributing the Miracle range of key machines both in the UK and in several export markets. From the Miracle A5 right up to the award-winning S10 – that is thousands and thousands of key-cutting machines.

Of course, unlike the many cheap Chinese machines around, our machines are able to cut domestic, edge-cut, dimple, even tubular keys and the award-winning extra-powerful Miracle S10 comes with a whole suite of adapters for all sorts of routine work such as Dimple, HU66, Auto, HU162 and SX9- a fantastic all-round machine. Apart from those you can add such as Magnum keys and even engraving to your S10. We can cut even plastic or aluminium keys.

We have also had awards for the quality of our after-sales service and we are furthering that with a series of How-To videos on our YouTube channel.  That will be an unending series as we develop new solutions to new types of key and lock. We never charge for software updates but we do develop new clamp adapters as new key patterns come along.

The Miracle Edge is our product made especially for the mobile autolocksmith, with a long pedigree it is fast, simple and works without tokens. Can make any car key we have come across right up to Renault Smartkey, Tibbe and SX9.

We have never joined the trend to limit jobs by tokens. There are Miracle machines 10, 11, 12 years old that have cut over 10,000 keys with never a token to buy or “earn”.

Because our type of construction makes the Miracles so very robust, we occasionally get very old machines in for refurbishment, and we pride ourselves on our comprehensive stock of spare parts that enables us to get those machines back in business within a day or so. We are not part of the throwaway culture.

As we all know many key machines with integrated tablets have failed due to the cheap quality of the tablets fitted. Where we supply a tablet, it is the Microsoft SurfaceGo 2 – the best possible solution. The A9 Edge Lite, the basic autolocksmith machine, is supplied without a tablet so that you can power it from any Windows or Android device.

An extra benefit we offer – on top of our two-year warranty – is two months free of our How-To telephone UK-based tech support. When you buy a Miracle you are not on your own, we are with you.

Cutting to code is important to you so we offer inbuilt Codemaster software and also direct input from the optional Instacode if you prefer. That means that lost keys can be resurrected. Of course, we can also supply all sorts of transponder reading and programming equipment as well – MiraClone, Autel, SPVG (formerly SuperVag) as well as a wide range of chips.

Lastly, thousands of quality-tested vehicle remotes, not the cheap stuff but the good stuff.

What all that means is that even if you are newly entering the field of auto work you are not on your own – we are with you all the way and in every way.