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Guide to Smarter Security

The UK Smart Lock sector is continuing to grow, as more homeowners are introducing connected devices into their homes. And as more smart home devices can now be connected and communicate with each other, there’s an increasing demand for fully integrated smart home and smart security systems, opening up additional possibilities for locksmiths.

Research from the Office of National Statistic (ONS) revealed that 76% of household burglaries in England and Wales occurred when the offender gained access through a door*. As a result, front door security continues to play extremely significant role in a full home security system.

As we see a rising interest in smart home security and an increasing interest in smart locks from homeowners, the smart security expert from Yale want to ensure you’re fully equipped with the knowledge and tools to effectively communicate with and advise your customers. There are many smart locks in the market today, which means it’s important to understand which system is the right one for your customers and their homes.

The Benefits of Smart Locks

The use of a smart lock on a home makes a traditional key redundant, as homeowners can lock and unlock their doors via their smartphone or range of accessories, such as key cards. Not only is this far easier and much more convenient, but it also alleviates the troubles caused by losing or forgetting keys.

There are also significant security advantages to smart locks too. The first, and most obvious, is that there are no physical keys to misplace. The second is that most smart locks can enable away from home control, meaning remote access can be granted to guests or tradespeople when away from home. These locks can also connect to other smart security devices, such as smart outdoor security cameras, to show homeowners who is at their door and choose whether to grant access.


Additionally, it’s not uncommon for homeowners to get that niggling feeling around whether the front door has been locked when leaving the house. Benefits of a smart lock are that they enable homeowners to check this remotely, via their smartphone.

For homeowners, their concerns may lie with the security of a smart lock compared with a traditional lock. To ensure consistency within the market, the British Standard Institute (BSI) adopted a locking standard known as TS621:2018, this is now the recognised UK standard for smart locking devices.

The BSI standard for smart locking devices was designed to provide homeowners with the reassurance that they can enjoy the convenience and lifestyle benefits of a smart lock, without having to compromise on the security of their home.

As a locksmith, having products which carry this standard and are accredited by the BSI included as part of your robust security offering, gives reassurance to customers that the products you are providing and installing meet the highest level of security.

Finding the Smart Lock that fits

Whilst there are many benefits to smart locks, it’s important to ensure the right lock is chosen for your customer’s door.

Doors which have a multipoint lock, and are commonly composite or UPVC doors, are most suited to be upgraded to a smart lock such as Yale’s Conexis® L1. The Conexis® L1 was the first smart lock to be accredited with the BSI Smart Home Kitemark. This accreditation provides a quick and easy way for consumers to identify Smart Home devices which they know they can trust, providing them with peace of mind.


If you are installing a Conexis® L1 Smart Lock, we would suggest checking the homeowner has two access points to the home. If the consumer only has one, the Linus Smart Lock from Yale is an ideal alternative, which enables the consumer to override the smart lock using a key.

For homeowners with timber doors which have an existing Nightlatch, a Keyless Connected smart lock is the most suitable, which allows for PIN code access to unlock the door.

For many homeowners, the kerb appeal of their home is very important. Whether the consumer has a modern or a more traditional style home, it’s possible as a locksmith to provide and install a smart lock which best suits their home and lifestyle.

With Yale products included as part of your offering, it’s possible to provide a range of smart lock designs and finishes, ensuring you can offer customers with heightened security as well as a style finish to their property.