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COOL SPIRiT Luxury Holiday Apartments Implement Innovative DOM Tapkey Smart Security Solution

Location: Scarborough, North Yorkshire
Product: DOM Tapkey Cylinders, Tapkey App

COOL SPIRiT Luxury Holiday Apartments, nestled just off Scarborough’s picturesque promenade in the magnificent North Bay, boast a beach recognised with the prestigious European Blue Flag status for consecutive years, a testament to its exceptional quality among UK beaches.

For select apartment reservations, guests enjoy the added perk of a ‘Free Beach Hut’ to enhance their stay. These charming chalets offer an ideal setting for beach outings with family, whether basking in the sun, hosting a BBQ, or simply utilising them for convenient storage during leisurely afternoons.

Given the vibrant nature of holiday rentals and the need for hassle-free security, the colourful beach huts demanded a user-friendly solution without complex wiring, ensuring the safety of belongings. The dynamic turnover of guests required a flexible access management system, ideally accessible remotely from a central platform. Already a pre-existing user of Tapkey, the customer was aware of how the software could be used to streamline access management seamlessly.

COOL SPIRiT utilised the expertise of W.G. Pollard Ltd, a distinguished security provider with over four decades of experience serving clients nationwide. Having forged a strong partnership with DOM as a Keystone Flagship member, Pollard’s has garnered a reputation for delivering sophisticated masterkey systems across various industries. They’ve now emerged as frontrunners in access control security solutions.

Drawing on their extensive experience with Tapkey and DOM ENiQ systems, W.G. Pollard Ltd recommended the installation of DOM Tapkey Pro V2 access control cylinders. Renowned for their low-maintenance design, extended battery life, and innovative clutch mechanism, these cylinders offer both reliability and convenience. Their straightforward setup and installation process further addressing COOL SPIRiT’s needs.

The digital smartlock cylinders feature a Euro profile body, enabling easy retrofitting, and can be operated using a Mobile Key (via an app), card, or fob. Much like the cylinder itself, the Tapkey App is user-friendly, simplifying setup and operation. It activates a DOM Tapkey device via NFC (Near Field Communication) and Bluetooth on a smartphone. Available for free on the App Store or Google Play, the Tapkey App allows the admin user to grant authorisations and time-restricted access rights to other users securely, using a highly protected Tapkey ID or Google ID.

Ben Hume, DOM UK Sales Manager for North UK & Ireland, remarked, ‘It is always a pleasure to work with W.G. Pollard, a company that DOM has worked closely with for many years, by specifying DOM access control solutions, we are showcasing what this technology can bring to the market going forward.”

For additional details about DOM UK and W.G. Pollard Ltd, please reach out to DOM UK at +44 (0) 121 569 7790 or contact W.G. Pollard at +44 (0) 1246 948 830