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A ‘changing of the locks’

British security expert launches industry-leading £5k break-in guarantee

Did you know nine seconds is all it takes to snap a standard front door lock?

Police forces in the UK have also failed to solve a single burglary in nearly half of all neighbourhoods in England and Wales in the past three years despite pledging to attend the scene of every domestic break-in.

With 76% of intruders choosing to enter via a door because it’s quicker than through a window, British security expert, Ultion is calling on homeowners to change their locks.

Putting its money where its mouth is, Ultion has launched an industry-leading £5k anti-snap guarantee should a burglar breach one of its locks, including on its award-winning Ultion Nuki smart lock range.

Ultion 3-star PLUS locks are incredibly tough, thanks to a molybdenum core that’s 25% denser than iron and has one of the highest melting points of all pure elements.

Tested for over 1 million cycles – not just the required 100,000 – Ultion 3-star PLUS locks feature a unique LockDown Mode™ where an additional hidden lock is triggered when signs of forced entry are detected.

Ultion locks also use the UK’s thickest key – 60% thicker than rivals – adding extra resistance to snapping and bending.

Ultion CEO, Nick Dutton, says: “True safety isn’t just about stopping the problems we already know about, but also getting ready for the ones the bad guys haven’t even thought about yet.

“This idea is what drives all the hard work and testing we put into our locks. We’re always looking ahead, making sure our locks are not just strong now, but ready for whatever challenges might come up next.”

Ultion‘s £5k guarantee is available on all Ultion 3-Star and Ultion 1-Star and 2-Star handles.

For anyone looking to upgrade their smart home security, the award-winning Ultion Nuki and Ultion Nuki Plus smart locks are also covered by the £5k guarantee and compatible with all major smart home platforms.

Additionally, Ultion smart locks can be operated by voice, keycode, key fob, fingerprint, phone, apps like Ring and Airbnb, and Ultion KeyTag – a standard door key with Apple Find My technology embedded into it.

Crucially, Ultion’s Police Preferred locks can be fitted in a matter of minutes with no drilling or wiring required and the Secured-by-Design protection is approved by locksmiths.

How safe is your street? Use Ultion’s postcode checker to get police data for the past six months:


Ultion 3-star PLUS locks £POA

Ultion Nuki is available from a newly reduced price of £199

Ultion Nuki Plus Matter Edition is available from £379

Ultion KeyTag is priced at £39 per key or £99 for three


  • 76% of burglars go through a door because it’s quicker.
  • LockDown Mode™ was invented to counter standard Euro Cylinder locks that can be breached in as little as nine seconds.
  • Nearly two-thirds (64%) of break-ins happen while you are at home.
  • A burglary is committed every 40 seconds in the UK and 30% of the time the resident comes face-to-face with the burglar.
  • Basic tools like a mole grip can get through a standard door lock in under nine seconds.
  • Most burglaries take place between 12pm and 4pm.
  • One in eight people say they never recover emotionally from a break-in to their home.


The Ultion lock with Lockdown Mode™ first won over the demanding locksmith market in 2013. Exposing the fact that locks fitted to millions of UK homes could be breached in just nine seconds, along with a security guarantee, secured fenestration market success. Ultion’s innovative technology is recognised for delivering premium security and setting new standards. With usual lock standards requiring 100,000 cycles during testing, Ultion locks undergo 1.1m. Where weather tests require 240 hours, Ultion handles are tested for 8,056. Ultion is the uncompromising name people want fitted on their door.