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Abs ‘Viral’ Marketing Video Highlights Cylinder Snapping Problem

ABS Secure has turned to humour to get across an important security message.

The company has launched a new humorous ‘Spitting Image’ style video to highlight the growing issue of cylinder snapping.

The short video, which explains the problem and promotes its own high security ABS Snap Secure Cylinder to locksmiths, installers and homeowners, can be viewed on ABS Locks YouTube Channel and at

The ABS Snap Secure Cylinder has a unique design which makes it stand out from other security cylinders. While the external half of the cylinder is designed to be sacrificed under attack, the internal half remains secure with the cam retained in the locked position. Unlike other cylinders it doesn’t need additional measures such as security handles or cylinder guards.

Managing Director Steve Stewart told The Locksmith: “For many years, locksmiths have been aware of the weakness in Euro cylinders, but they haven’t been able to offer homeowners a secure solution. Unfortunately, burglars have learnt how to target vulnerable doors using simple tools and can break through in less than a minute.

“Many so-called high security cylinders claim to be ‘anti-snap’ but are unable to do the job and need additional security measures. This video highlights the weakness of cylinders fitted in homes across the country and tells people how they can easily improve security by retrofitting the ABS Snap Secure Cylinder.

“The video is designed to get the message across to the public clearly and memorably in a couple of minutes while making them smile and pass it on to their friends in true viral marketing style. Since ABS was launched it has been hugely successful and has proven to be the most secure cylinder on the market.”

The ABS Snap Secure Cylinder is currently the only cylinder to achieve Sold Secure Diamond Standard – a test based on real life methods of attack.

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