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Wireless Cameras: No Wiring, Easy Installation

More locksmiths looking to broaden their portfolios are becoming interested in CCTV.  In this article, ‘Teckie Steve’ of RhinoCo provides some useful technical guidance on wireless cameras. 

Wireless is not a plug and play solution.  It takes a huge amount of planning and expense to make a reliable system.  If you can run a cable, do just that, it will be cheaper and much more dependable.

Systems that run on a 5.8 GHz frequency can suffer less interference than those on a 2.4 GHz frequency, but the unavoidable factor is all unlicensed wireless devices in the UK have a power limit on them.  Limiting their range and the throughput that can be supported.

There are obviously wireless CCTV systems that do work.  These tend to be specialised, licensed systems where the wireless link alone costs more than a hard wired system.  This is a highly specialised area of the CCTV market. 

Wireless camera systems not in this sector are susceptible to security breaches.  “Anyone else with a video receiver on the same frequency could potentially pick up your video signal” states Teckie Steve.  “My friend could pick up her next door neighbour’s baby monitor on her own, and it is the same as wireless CCTV.  Manufacturers don’t really have a standardised encryption for most consumer wireless systems and this throws up all sorts of issues under the Data Protection Act.

Wireless cameras are not truly wireless.  They still need to be powered and that involves running a cable.  So for best results, reliability and more importantly no call-backs, run that cable all the way with a hard-wired system.

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