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Solid Front Doors Deter Criminals

ECB·S-certified models offer more resistance to burglars

Most burglars enter through windows or doors. A burglar resistant front door or apartment door reduces this risk considerably.

Consumers can now distinguish these doors by the blue certification mark of European Certification Body (ECB). The first ECB·S-certified models have just been launched on the market.

Burglars normally take a chisel, a screwdriver or the often used crowbar. Others twist out the cylinder of the front door or apartment door. The certification for burglar resistant doors according to the European Standard EN 1627 takes these commonly used methods into account.

ECB·S-certified doors offer more resistance and thus increase the time needed by the criminal. This has a deterrent effect. Ralf Demmer from the neutral certification body ECB: “The `normal` burglar will abandon his attempt when he cannot enter the building within two to five minutes. A burglar resistant door can withstand longer and shall resist for exactly this period of time.”

Certified, burglar resistant models are available in the resistance classes (RC) 1 to 6. The resistance classes 1 to 3 relate to the usual occasional criminals, the classes 4 to 6 consider the techniques used by experienced, skilled burglars.

ECB recommends at least resistance grade RC2 for private households: “Such front or apartment doors feature an adequate door leaf thickness and little rebate space – this makes jemmying more difficult. Their door fittings prevent, for example, the cylinder from being twisted out. The total construction, including solid hinges and bolts, offers little weak points. The same also applies to overhead fanlights and apertures in the door.”





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