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Abus Cctv Range Has Performance “Designed In”

The lingering myth that CCTV is somehow ineffective in fighting crime was laid to
rest in the months following the UK riots of 2011. By February 2012 a total of
3,000 people had been successfully prosecuted and the officer in charge of the
operation, Detective Chief Superintendent Greany, has stated that 2,200 of
those prosecutions would not have been possible without video evidence.

It’s not only in such extreme circumstances that CCTV is effective. To take just one
example, Hambleton District Council, along with Ryedale, Leeds, Kirklees and
Hull, claims CCTV has played a part in more than 15,000 arrests over the past three years
(source: Yorkshire Post).

But it’s not justthe police who can benefit from a quality CCTV system. A new wave of CCTV
cameras now available specifically for home and small office use are now
putting high-end technology in the hands of home owners and businesses.

These ‘plug & play’ kits operate straight out of the box without the need for costly
installations making them ideal for the home user. ABUS TVAC16000, with its
wireless ‘plug & play’ weatherproof camera, can be fitted in any location,
allowing you to monitor your home, office, warehouse or holiday home, even via
your mobile phone, iPad or laptop.

The camera is pre-synced to a 7” LCD colour monitor with intuitive touchscreen controls, and ABUS’
bespoke Android and Apple apps mean you can monitor what’s happening in your
home or office, 24 hours a day, wherever you are in the world.

With encrypted transmission the TVAC16000 records to an SD card. The superb level of picture
quality is a far cry from the fuzzy CCTV video of old, massively increasing the
chances of being able to observe, recognise and identify perpetrators.

The Home Office advice on CCTV usages states that “Performance has to be designed in and cannot
be taken for granted”.

 With its new line of CCTV systems, ABUS has “designed in” an impressive range of high-end
security features – and absolutely nothing has been taken for granted. Anyone
who’s serious about their personal and business security should take a close
look at what the ABUS CCTV range has to offer. 
In addition think how these out of the box security solutions can help
you manage your own retail footfall.

ABUS CCTV is available from ABUS UK, Aldridge and Toolbank at very attractive trade prices.



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