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Squire’s new Inigma BL1 takes gold
5th October 2018
Security specialist Squire has launched the world’s first Bluetooth bike D-lock to achieve a Sold Secure Gold rating. Called Inigma BL1, this clever keyless D-lock lets cyclists lock and unlock their bike via smartphone app. It’s the trailblazer for Squire’s … Continue reading
Yale Door and Window Solutions locks in support for National Home Security Month
31st August 2017
Yale is proud to be headline sponsor of National Home Security Month (NHSM) for its fifth year this October. Highlighting the importance of home security, NHSM is driving demand for security products and installation services nationwide. In the UK, a … Continue reading
BnB safe: How to secure your AirBnB
30th August 2017
In 2007, two university grads thought of a simple way to make a few extra bucks. A large conference was passing through their hometown of San Francisco and hotels were booking up fast. They laid three air mattresses on the … Continue reading