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Setting the Home Security Standard as the Clocks Go Back

As the nights get darker, it’s essential for more awareness around home security and the measures which can be taken to help prevent any unwanted attacks on homes. The dark winter months bring revenue opportunities for locksmiths, with homeowners investing in new home security products. Yale, sponsors of the annual National Home Security Month campaign, provides advice on what areas of the home should be looked at when considering home security.

Darker Nights

Comprehensive and adaptable home security has never been so important, there were more than 350,000 domestic burglaries in England and Wales in the year ending March 20201, with November being the most common month for home break-ins2.

Many UK homeowners haven’t made the necessary security precautions to their home as required, and according to research from Co-op Insurance and Neighbourhood Watch3, even though more than half (51%) of UK adults have been a victim of burglary and/or attempted burglary, more than two fifths (44%) have not taken any measures to protect the property they live in.

As the nights get longer, it’s important to raise awareness around the significance of surveying current home security and what investments would be beneficial. The security campaign National Home Security Month takes place each year throughout October. Now in its eighth year, the initiative highlights the ways homeowners can keep their homes, families and possessions safe as the days get shorter – providing the ideal opportunity for trusted tradespeople to install necessary home security measures.

When it comes to security, homeowners are willing to spend more to ensure that their homes are securely protected. As a tradesperson it’s important that you are offering the highest quality security products and sound advice, to guarantee your customers are receiving the most effective solutions.

There are many vulnerable areas around the home which are often overlooked by homeowners. When advising a customer or conducting a home security survey, it would be beneficial to take note of these locations around the home, to suggest security changes which should be made, and the required standards for different products.

Here are some top considerations to take into account when surveying the security of a home:


  • Ensure good quality windows and doors are fitted with appropriate locks. This is especially important for the more easily accessible ground floor windows and doors, such as patio doors.
  • If the door handles are starting to become loose, they need upgrading. To achieve maximum security, ensure the handle is TS007 2-star rating and combine it with a 1-star or higher rated cylinder.
  • As lock snapping continues to be a threat, the quality of the lock cylinders is more important than ever. Check that the cylinders are rated at TS007 3-star Kitemark, endorsed by Secured By Design, like the Yale Platinum 3 Star Euro cylinder lock, which provides anti snap lock protection for the property.
  • If there are external wooden doors in the home, make sure the nightlatch is working correctly and that a 5 lever mortice lock approved to standard BS3621 is fitted. If a 3-lever design is already installed, the homeowner may consider upgrading to a 5-lever mortice lock. This may also ensure they comply with insurance requirements. Products such as door bolts offer up sell opportunities and ensure the customer is securing their door the best they can.
  • Is extra security required in the home? Door chains can add protection against opportunists, whereas a letterplate restrictor can help prevent against letterbox fishing, a common tactic used to obtain car keys.
  • If their lock requires an upgrade, they may be interested in investing in a smart lock, such as the Yale Keyless Lock or the Conexis L1 Smart Lock which meets the smart lock BSI standard TS621:2018.
  • Does the home have an alarm system? Whether it be smart, or a more traditional wired system, a home alarm system can act as an efficient deterrent to any potential burglars. Smart alarms also have the added ability to be controlled remotely via smart phones or tablets.
  • Indoor cameras provide a low cost, effective solution to monitoring the interior of a home. They can be used as stand alone cameras or part of an integrated system, strategically placed to allow homeowners to keep a close eye on their valuables and most prized possessions. Smart cameras also have the added benefit of sending an alert to the smart phone or tablet of the owner if motion is detected around their home. Pet sensors are ideal for pet owners wishing to avoid their furry friends setting off alerts.


  • Does the property have a shed or garage? Sheds and garages can often be filled with expensive tools and equipment. A standalone alarm can be useful for alerting the homeowners to any unusual activity in the shed. A padlock which is CEN 4 rated and tested to EN12320:2012 can provide maximum security and withstand the toughest weather conditions.
  • As gates can provide easy access for burglars to outside areas, security measures for these areas are essential. A weatherproof high security hasp and maximum or high security padlock, which is also weatherproof, can provide a high level of security and help to protect and access to the back of the house.
  • Is there a large outdoor area which needs to be monitored? A CCTV system will allow the homeowner to keep track of their external home security, and act as a deterrent to a potential intruder. A smart CCTV system also enables them to check parameters from their smartphone or tablet and night vision captures any activity that takes place under the cover of darkness

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