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The Perfect Combination From Abus

ABUS’ new 158KC/45 padlock provides the ideal combination of personal PIN security coupled with Key Control to allow for the override and retrieval of forgotten codes.

The 158KC/45 Key Control Combination Padlock is an excellent security suite solution for the likes of gyms, schools, colleges and company locker rooms – or on an individual basis for the absent-minded!

If the combination to the padlock is forgotten, the Key Control can be used to open the padlock. The key also allows the user to read the last set code simply by leaving the key in the open position and turning the combination dials to a stop position.

ABUS UK’s MD Nick Vanderhoest says: “Our 158 Combination Padlock series is very popular for general keyless security. With the addition of the 158KC/45 Key Control Combination Padlock we’ve given the series extra flexibility and convenience.”

The 158KC/45 also has a tough die cast body, a comfortable side operated four-digit combination, double bolted and hardened steel shackle, and an elegant black satin finish.

The four-digit combination 158KC/45 Key Control padlock has a RRP excluding VAT of £28.60 and is available in up to five Master Key Suites with master keys priced at £5.92 each. UK distribution of ABUS is available from Aldridge, HOPPE and Toolbank.

For full details about the ABUS security range and merchandising contact ABUS UK on 01275 390610 or email

The new 158KC/45 Key Control Combination Padlock from ABUS.

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