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Why Squire’s heavy-duty Stronghold® range is supreme

Designed, engineered and made in Britain, the Stronghold® brand is Squire’s premium range of extra high security padlocks, padbars, chains, lock and chain sets and keysafes for commercial use.

Many highlights are the solid hardened steel lock body, electrophoretic anti-corrosion finish, hardened boron alloy steel shackle, anti-drill protection and high corrosion resistance for harsh environments.

Plus, the extra high security Stronghold® range has the added benefit of being tested and approved to the highest global standards by Sold Secure, CEN and LPCB, and supported by Secured by Design.

Testament to Squire’s reputation for long lasting toughness is the super heavy-duty SS100CS, universally respected as the world’s strongest production padlock, with the following key features:

  • Extreme corrosion resistant padlock ­– tested to BS EN12320:2012 Grade 5 for 480 hours salt spray
  • Highly durable storm proof cover – fully protects the lock body and cylinders from the elements
  • Protective keyhole dust cover – excellent protection inside the lock
  • Heavy duty, weatherproof, anti-corrosion finish – black electrophoretic anti-corrosion finish protects the lock body inside and outside
  • Protected closed shackle – virtually total protection against all forms of attack
  • 20mm diameter hardened boron alloy steel shackle – case hardened boron alloy steel gives maximum anti-cut resistance on the hard outside and anti-twist resistance from the flexible inner core
  • Boron alloy steel – 80% tougher than mild steel
  • Maximum security dual cylinder – unique dual-cylinder design, 62million key differs. Precision engineered, solid brass six-pin cylinders; anti-pick and anti-bump
  • CNC precision manufactured lock body – 100mm thick case-hardened precision made by Squire
  • Market-leading tight tolerances that Squire can achieve enables it to outperform all other padlocks of a similar size. The lock body is case hardened on the outside to resist bolt cutter attack and flexible enough at its core to resist twist attack.