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Relcross Launch Keylex Digital Locks Online

Relcross have completely revamped their Keylex e-commerce website and turned it into a comprehensive resource on digital locks for trade users only. The site gives  immediate access to the complete range of Keylex Commercial Grade Mechanical Digital Locks and associated products. It’s aimed at wholesalers, merchants, security companies, locksmiths and installers. Initial registrations are reviewed and, once verified, access is given to prices and online purchase. Delivery of stock items is next working day throughout most of mainland Britain with a 2 to 3 day service for the Highlands, Islands and European countries. Trade credit accounts are available and can be requested during the registration process.

The Keylex range features locks for low, medium and high security requirements and for standard or heavy duty environments. Compatible lock cases, cylinders and exit hardware are also offered as Relcross are also authorised distributors for Briton, Schlage, SimonsVoss, LCN and Von Duprin amongst others.

Relcross started supplementing their traditional sales service with online options for some products 5 years ago and this has formed a growing part of their business ever since. However, they feel that digital locks are a specialist product that requires professional knowledge and skills to ensure the right product is specified, purchased and correctly installed. Consequently they have restricted their online offering of digital locks to trade users only. Further information can be found at

BS 8607 Mechanically Operated Push Button Locksets

Two products in the Relcross Keylex range have been independently tested by Exova Warringtonfire against the recently introduced standard BS 8607 for mechanically operated push button locksets that was published in 2014. They are possibly the first products to pass independent testing to BS 8607. This specifies requirements and test methods for durability, strength and function of mechanically operated push-button locksets and their locking plates.

The standard was developed following the installation of push button code locks at some new and expensive apartments in London and other areas. Previously most such locks had been considered more a means of access control than physical security. As there was no standard test, no one knew if the locks were actually secure or not. So the new standard set out to define the difference between a product suitable for low use and low security through a range of five grades up to high use, high abuse and high security and so give a push button equivalent to BS 3621.

Grade 1 is for internal applications where users have a high incentive to exercise care and where the expected usage is low.

Grade 2 is for internal applications where users have little incentive to exercise care and where the expected usage is high.

Grade 3 is for applications where abuse and usage levels are expected to be high and there is an element of security required.

Grade 4 applications are  where security, abuse and usage levels are expected to be high.

Finally Grade 4AL is the same as Grade 4 except that security requirements are achieved using an additional locking unit. (Source: BSI Standard Publication – Mechanically operated push button locksets – Requirements and test methods – BS 8607:2014)

It is widely accepted that no existing locks would meet the Grade 4 levels of the standard and that the standard was to be used as an incentive to manufacturers to develop new products to meet the Grade 4 levels, but a level for existing locks in the market place was created at Grade 3. Grade 3 has minimum performance requirements and a General Vulnerability Assessment (GVA) with a limited tool list to display that a lock had a security element built in that protects against rare earth magnets, shims, manipulation tools and other standard tools.

GVA tests on Relcross Keylex products were carried out by Sold Secure, the test house of the Master Locksmiths Association (MLA), and the Keylex 2100 and 800 now have independent test reports stating that they have met the GVA requirements of level 3. Now the first tests have been carried out it is only a matter of time before we start to see level 4 or 4AL products emerge that can be fitted to peoples’ homes safely.

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