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One lock, three modes of entry, all seven days of access control

In 2022, the Community Security Trust recorded 1,652 anti-Jewish hate incidents nationwide, one of the highest numbers ever reported. With 78% of these incidents taking place offline, it is increasingly important that the buildings used by Jewish communities are protected against security breaches and attacks.

In March this year, the UK Government announced increased funding for security measures to better protect Jewish communities from vile antisemitic attacks. However, synagogues and faith schools adhering to the sabbath face unique security challenges due to the rules in place for when electricity can and cannot be used.

These buildings require a multi-functioning lock that offers secure, controlled access on the days when electricity is being used, as well as the days it is not.

Visit find out how the Trent, from Surelock McGill, provides three methods of controlled, keyless entry to meet both the security needs of the building and the religious beliefs of the Jewish communities who frequent them.