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Mul-T-Lock Celebrates Women in Locksmithing Industry with “Ladies Who Locksmith” Campaign

Mul-T-Lock, a leading provider of patented locking solutions, is proud to announce the launch of its “Ladies Who Locksmith” campaign, aimed at raising awareness of and celebrating women in the locksmithing industry.

Despite being a male-dominated field, Mul-T-Lock recognises the invaluable contributions of women locksmiths and their growing presence in the industry.

The launch of “Ladies Who Locksmith” seeks to spotlight these trailblazing women, inspire others to pursue careers in locksmithing, and break down barriers in traditionally male-dominated professions.

Hazel Oakley, a locksmith at Gloucester Locksmiths with seven years of experience, shares her enthusiasm, saying: “I love being a locksmith and have gained insights into the industry over the years. Every day brings different projects, and the constant opportunity to learn the intricacies of high-security locks.  Putting what I have learnt into practice to offer support and guidance to those wanting a more secure environment.

“It’s encouraging to see Mul-T-Lock launch this campaign and I was happy to be involved.  I think it’s really important to listen to and see the contributions of women like me.  I have always been treated as equal and would encourage more ladies to join this rewarding profession to make a real difference.”

The “Ladies Who Locksmith” campaign will feature inspiring stories of women locksmiths, highlight their achievements and provide resources and support for women interested in pursuing careers in locksmithing.

“We believe diversity and inclusion are essential for innovation and progress,” says Claire Blakemore, Managing Director at Mul-T-Lock UK. “Through our new ‘Ladies Who Locksmith’ campaign, we aim to pave the way for a more inclusive, locksmithing industry where women feel empowered to thrive and succeed.”

Mul-T-Lock invites locksmiths, industry professionals, and enthusiasts to join the conversation. To support the “Ladies Who Locksmith” campaign, please follow Mul-T-Lock on social media and share stories of women locksmiths using the hashtag #LadiesWhoLocksmith