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Maximum Convenience and Security Combined

Sumier Foster-Shah, Smart Security Product & Customer Support Manager at ERA, discusses the growing demand for smart security technology that offers convenience and peace of mind that homes, valuables and privacy are protected.

77% of consumers who have embraced smart home devices believe that this type of technology improves their overall quality of life, states Deloitte. With that in mind, and sales of smart home devices soaring, it is evident that 2024 and beyond will see such devices become a staple in many homes.

At the forefront of the smart security revolution is ERA’s TouchKey solution, which is the only system of its kind to offer five different methods of entry, giving users maximum convenience. Consumers can choose to access their door by unlocking via fingerprint, using the ERA Smart Home app, geolocation, voice activation, or manually by a hidden key override.


Advanced biometric technology means that up to 50 authorised fingerprints can be stored directly into the handle at one given time to provide multiple approved users with easy access to a property. This biometric technology, which is used in over 11.5 billion devices worldwide, offers customers a fuss-free entrance into a property. This applies even when the weather isn’t ideal, thanks to a waterproof sensor tested to IP66 – the highest rating for waterproof protection – and a hydrophobic coating.

When using ERA’s Smart Home app, TouchKey can be unlocked with the simple touch of the app screen. The app e-keys can also offer timed access to permitted individuals, such as family, health care professionals or domestic workers.

Hands-free access is granted via personalised voice commands and geolocation technology, which means the system can unlock when a recognised smartphone’s Bluetooth connection is in range of the handle.

The solution has been independently tested to BSI’s new Smart Residential Locking Device standard, which was developed in conjunction with ERA, combining the BSI Internet of Things (IoT) Kitemark with TS 621 for mechanical security with smart locking. It has also been awarded the Secured by Design (SBD) Secure Connected Device accreditation, which has been launched specifically for Internet of Things (IoT) connected products.