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Keep Homes Secure In Worst Burglary Month With Mul-T-Lock

Mul-T-Lock is working closely with its dealers across the UK and Ireland to focus on home security following Government statistics revealing November as being the worst month of the year for break-ins.

Police data obtained by a freedom of information request reveals that one in ten domestic burglaries take place in November and that a break-in takes place every two minutes during the month.

Analysis of police data reveals that ground floor and basement flats have the highest risk of burglary and are 48 per cent more likely to be burgled than other types of property.  

Official figures reveal the busiest hour for burglars to operate is between midnight and 1am with 7 per cent being committed during this time.  During the day, 31 per cent of burglaries take place between 11am and 5pm whilst homes are unnocupied.

Says Steve Ross, Managing Director of Mul-T-Lock: “The winter period has always seen an increase in crime with the reduced daylight hours and dark nights covering burglar activity, but these new figures provide a real opportunity to show an extra duty of care and deliver the necessary help and advice to ensure homes are safe and secure.

‘We are working to support our network of dealers across the UK and Ireland to ensure they have the necessary support services and products to review security for homeowners.  Even simple measures like upgrading the locking cylinders installed can make a huge difference both to security levels and to homeowner reassurance, and further reduce the chances of falling victim to this horrible crime.”

Mul-T-Lock offers a complete range of home security solutions, including the patented Break Secure XP cylinder that was the first to achieve BSi TS007 3* accreditation as a cylinder only solution to provide the ultimate protection from cylinder manipulation attack.

All Mul-T-Lock products can also be keyed alike to offer the added benefit of providing homeowners with the opportunity to operate all locks, including outbuildings from one patent protected key. Any extra copies can only be created with homeowner’s permission, for complete peace of mind.

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