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Ford / Mazda 8C Emulator

Replace Immobiliser Unit with Emulator & Use Non-Chip Key to Start

For many years it has been difficult to obtain the Temic Crypto 8C chips used on Ford (Ranger) and Mazda, making it almost impossible to create a spare key or replace a lost key. Now there is a solution with the 8C Immobiliser Emulator, this replaces the original vehicle immobiliser unit and allows the vehicle to be started with a blank (metal head) key.

Ford / Mazda 8C Systems

FORD Ranger 2000-2012
MAZDA 323 2000-2006
636 2000-2006
Demio 2000-2003
MPV 2000-2006
MX-5 2000-2005
Premacy 2000-2004
B2500 1999-2005
BT-50 <2005


The 8C Immobiliser Emulator is a complete plug-in replacement for the original equipment immobiliser units, made by Lucas / TRW or Mitsubishi Electric. It uses the same connector, mounts on the same bracket, and once programmed to suit the vehicle can be swapped with the original part.

The only difference being that the 8C Emulator, once it senses ignition, communicates unconditionally with the engine ECU to allow the car to start; that is, it doesn’t look for a transponder, and will allow the car to start on a non-chip key.

The 8C Emulator will need to be programmed to suit a particular vehicle using the 8-digit PIN code. The pin code can be acquired by using a diagnostic programmer (eg Smartpro) to read pin code, by using the NW Keys pin code retrieval (by chassis & reg) or by using an Eeprom reader to read the microchip of the original immobiliser unit.

The 8C Emulator can be reprogrammed if needed.

Process Overview

1) Remove Original Immobiliser

  • No security brackets are usually fitted to the immobiliser.

2) Obtain PIN Code

  • Diagnostic Programmer (eg Smartpro), NW Keys PIN Code from chassis number service, or by reading the micro.

3) Program 8C Emulatator With PIN Code

  • Using the USB Programmer. No internet connection needed.

4) Fit the 8C Emulator on to the vehicle (in place of the existing immobiliser unit).

(Top) New 8C Immobiliser Emulator
(Bottom) Original Immobiliser Units

Programming The Emulator

Type 8C Immobiliser Emulators can be programmed using a Windows application, and a Programming Interface that plugs directly into the Emulator Unit.


NW Keys Prices (All prices +vat)

8C Programmer (For Windows): NWK-EMUPRO8C   @ £81.25
8C Emulator Unit: NWK-EMU8C   @ £71.25
Pin code retrieval by chassis/reg: IMMO-MAZ001   @ £20.00
Plastic Head (non-chip) Key SIL-MAZ24REP @ 95p


For further information, please contact Nicky at

NW Keys Ltd 0151 944 1187