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Fireco introduces supply and installation of fire doors to their services

Fireco has been making compliance easy for 25 years. They are mostly known for their original product, the innovative Dorgard, an acoustic fire door retainer. Fireco also manufactures wireless fire door closers and retainers, notification systems, disability aids and hygiene equipment. All products are designed to provide simple solutions to a range of needs: fire safety, compliance, access, ventilation and hygiene.

With the demand for trustworthy fire doors and services, especially in the housing sector, Fireco partnered up with various door manufacturers in order to gain Primary Test Evidence, proving that their products were safe to use when installed on a fire door.

Fireco, fire safety products, fire doors, Dorgard, 2021

With this new evidence, Fireco products became a reliable choice for installers and customers, which created new demand for their products to be readily available on a doorset.

Fireco has recently introduced new services to their range, now offering supply and installation of fire doors. All fire doors comply with current standards and have undergone burns tests to ensure safety.

Door installation, if required, is carried out by their network of professionals, all with third party BMTRADA accreditation for door installation.

They also offer a free nationwide measure up and quote service.

Fill out a quick form on the Fireco website to receive your personalised fire door quote