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End of life for MVP Pro and AD100 Pro Key Programming Units

Programming vehicle keys is a complex and ever evolving trade, and in order to support auto locksmiths, Advanced Diagnostics is continually developing updates, in the form of software updates, new adaptors, cables and more to expand the programming capabilities of existing machines.

Eventually, programming requirements become too complex for the legacy hardware which are unable to support these technical advancements. This is exactly what happened in 2017 when Advanced Diagnostics released the Smart Pro to replace its previous units; continuing to provide support for the previous generation machines and tokens to continue using them. In 2024, there are now very few of these old units in use. The result of this is that the MVP Pro and AD100 Pro will very shortly cease to be supported and users will no longer be able to purchase tokens or software to be able to use the units. While we know this will be unwelcome news for the few remaining users, we thank Advanced Diagnostics for their support of these tools over the last seven years.

In order to ease this transition, Hickleys is pleased to be able to offer £1050 as a trade-in value against the price of a new Smart Pro when trading in an MVP Pro or AD100 Pro. These Smart Pro units will also come with a 12-month Unlimited Token Plan. Hickleys will also give purchasers 12 months of their popular Locked In scheme that gives them 20% discount on purchases of keys, remotes and transponders as well as key technical support.

The Smart Pro comes with a full colour, touch screen interface and together with the MyKeysPro software provides users with easy to follow, step-by-step instructions. The machine communicates with vehicles primarily through the vehicle OBD socket and where programming jobs are more complicated the Smart Pro features an expansion port for cables and adapters. Couple this unit with the expert technical support that Hickleys offers, and locksmiths and garages are able to offer the best possible key programming service to their customers.

For full details contact Hickleys sales line on 01823 328500.