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DOM Tapkey Smart lock now available with iOS

DOM UK once again announces another new development to add to their new digital range of access control systems. DOM Tapkey provides quick access to door entrances through the use of mobile phones with BLE and was initially launched with compatibility for Android users, now DOM are pleased to announce their smart lock is now also compatible with iOS software and can be used with iPhone.

Allowing users to program transponders from their App. DOM Tapkey is the first digital locking system that provides this new feature for smart homes and shared facilities.

Let us get Technical

With the new Tapkey app (version 2.5.8), users can provide access rights to their DOM Tapkey transponders by using their iPhones, as well as changing and revoking access rights. We also enhance the user experience of mobile access with our BLE connection. This update is available now for iPhone 7 (7 and 7+), iPhone 8 (8 and 8+), iPhone X (X, XR, XS), and the newest iPhone 11 series (11 and 11 Pro) running the latest iOS 13.

What does this update mean for both commercial and residential building owners?  Freedom of choice and flexibility, as it provides access to door entrances via smartphones or self-authorised transponders in the most convenient and secure way. No matter what smartphone you have, with the advanced development you are always in control with the Tapkey app.

This milestone highlights the active co-operation between DOM and Tapkey. Since the partnership started in 2016, DOM has contributed to it highly reliable digital hardware, and Tapkey have provided their expertise as an innovative software-company with the latest cloud solutions. Rest assured, DOM and Tapkey will continue developing innovations for mobile access solutions.

The latest Tapkey app is now available in the iOS App Store.

For more information on the DOM Tapkey App contact DOM UK or call us on 0121 569 7790