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DHF announces the launch of ‘Technical Tuesday’

Door & Hardware Federation (DHF) has announced that, this month, it has launched a pro-active social media campaign entitled, ‘Technical Tuesday’ across all of its social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn.

Each Tuesday, its social media posts will comprise informative content regarding standards, legislation, best practice, and safety messages relevant to the six industry sectors that DHF supports and serves, namely, Locks & Building Hardware; Doorsets; Industrial Doors & Shutters; Domestic Garage Doors and Automated Gates.  To raise further awareness of the federation and its objectives, DHF will share this content into third party Facebook forums.

DHF’s Commercial Director, Patricia Sowsbery-Stevens says:  “By using the hashtag #Technicaltuesday, Technical Tuesday content can be viewed and shared with our followers, and beyond.  Although the campaign is relatively new, we have been delighted with the response thus far and hope this continues.”

DHF has almost 1700 followers on Twitter (now rebranded ‘X’), 1000 followers on Facebook and just shy of 3000 followers on LinkedIn.  In the past, its engagement and interaction on its social media platforms has proved hugely successful.