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Best Product at MLA Expo 2019 – The FinLock

What is it?

The FinLock is a unique, fail-safe, high security, automatic mortised deadbolt. With a FinLock it is no longer necessary to manually deadbolt which raises the security threshold to a new level. It can also be used to replace a latch bolt with an automatic deadbolt.

How does it work?

The FinLock combines two unique ideas to give the ultimate automatic deadbolt.
Its patented locking mechanism incorporates a balanced relationship between the trigger and the deadbolt to give a fail-safe auto-locking action with a 21mm throw.
The FinLock also incorporates an internal holdback that allows the deadbolt to be unlocked and stay unlocked in the doorframe, thus allowing other locks on the same door to be unlocked. The FinLock will automatically deadbolt every time the door is closed.

Where can it be used?

The FinLock is a versatile, high security, locking solution for residential houses, apartments, communal hallways, offices, commercial premises, schools and hospitals.

It is an ideal upgrade retrofit product for existing doors with standard mortised deadbolts. It can also be used as a mortised high security night latch on an apartment or communal door. It can be used in conjunction with push button lock interfaces or smart cylinders to combine the convenience of keyless access with the security of a deadbolt.

There are several demonstration videos available at

Why do locksmiths like it?

This is an easy sell as it delivers a solution to the age old problem of users simply not using their deadbolts which leaves their doors unsecured. The FinLock will automatically deadbolt every time.

This is an easy lock to fit. The FinLock has a conventional lockcase of standard dimension.

It is a europrofile lock case so the locksmith can fit his preferred cylinder. It is available in 44mm and 57mm backsets.

It comes with a choice of large or small lock security guards in a either polished brass or chrome. The large lock security guard will also enhance the structural integrity of the door and cover any fitting defects.

Where can I buy it?

The FinLock is currently in the final stages of British Standard testing and locks for residential use will be available to order online from January 2020 at a special introductory price. Fin Locks are developing lock cases for commercial use which will launch next year.

Who came up with the FinLock?

The FinLock was designed by Architect Tim Finn. The innovative idea was sparked when Tim was unable to find a dead locking solution for one of his projects. Tim’s desire for a solution led him to design and build the first FinLock prototype. Tim has collaborated with top lock designer Andrew Taylor to create The FinLock, a unique locking mechanism. Andrew is a Master Locksmith with over 40 years’ experience as a lock designer and comes from a family with a long and rich history in the lock industry. The FinLock is a patented British made product.

What was our experience at the MLA Expo 19?

We had a great Expo. We demonstrated the FinLock on four doors: as a deadbolt on an external front door; as a high security night latch on an apartment door; combining the FinLock case with a push button lock and the FinLock combined with a smart cylinder.

“Our stand was very busy and it was great to meet so many locksmiths from across the country who put the FinLock through its paces! We were asked every technical and practical question imaginable and am pleased to say that we seemed to pass the test! The only complaint from locksmiths was that they couldn’t buy one on the day.

We were delighted that the uniqueness and value of the FinLock was recognised by winning the Best Product award and we are now working really hard to be ready to take orders from January 2020.