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Trojan’s Mega Egress Hinge Now Available For Even More Profiles

Trojan’s Mega Egress hinge has been adding value to fabricators’ and installers’ portfolios for several years. The response from customers was it was just what they needed, but there was also valuable feedback on how it could be enhanced. Always a company to listen to what the market needs, Trojan took the Mega Egress hinge back to the drawing board and has just released the new and improved version. 

Tony Chadwick, Trojan Group’s Managing Director, said, “The Mega Egress hinge is an invaluable product for many of our customers, but there was still room for improvement. Our customers told us how they’d like it to be suitable for more profiles, so we’ve reduced the stack height to 13.5mm which means it can be used much more widely. We’ve also further increased its overall strength and made the opening and closing action much smoother.”

The ability to cater for more profiles will be good news for many because the Mega Egress hinge offers many benefits that other comparable hinges don’t. One size fits all side hung applications up to 900mm sash width, helping to reduce inventory. It’s incredibly strong too – it has the capability of 40+ plus load. It has an integral easy clean option and an auto locking facility to revert back to normal operation, making it very user-friendly. A unique selling feature means high security without the need for additional protection combined with guaranteed compression due to the innovative design means minimal heat loss.

The hinge’s quality is demonstrated in its BBA accreditation and its achieving in excess of grade five on the tests for BS EN 1670, meaning it has ultimate corrosion resistance.

Trojan’s willingness to go back to the drawing board to improve products in response to customer feedback is admirable. The Mega Egress hinge has already proved its worth over the years to countless fabricators and installers. The new version will prove its worth to countless more.

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