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Relcross Auto Equalizer Easy Equality Access For All

Many organisations are recognising that some of their staff or visitors would struggle to operate some of the doors regularly encountered on their premises. One solution is the installation of LCN Auto Equalizers, distributed in the UK by Relcross. These can be activated in a variety of ways including wall mounted push buttons and wheelchair mounted fobs.

When activated, the pneumatically powered Auto Equalizer silently pushes or pulls the door open depending on which side of the door it is mounted. After a short delay the integral traditional door closer takes over to close the door and complete the cycle. Power is supplied by a pneumatic compressor tucked away out of sight in a convenient cupboard or cubby hole and a single compressor can power up to five or six doors. The capacity of the compressor is selected carefully at the specification stage to accommodate the likely traffic profile (i.e. frequency of use of doors) and the distances involved between the compressor and the doors to be controlled. In fact costs per door leaf decrease significantly as the number of door leaves increases.

Added advantages include reliability and ease of service. A lack of reliance upon micro-processors and (often) complicated electronics means the Relcross LCN Auto Equalizer has much less opportunity for failure.  Independently tested to more than three million full load cycles, it requires only occasional, minimal servicing of the compressor, usually with easily available proprietary components. The compressor is also almost silent in operation with a noise level of dB (A)/1m 45 – equivalent to a ‘country quiet’ sound level.

The extreme reliability of the system is one of its major attractions. They are very cost-effective and virtually maintenance-free whereas electric doors almost always need something replacing at a service. UK Fire Certification is in accordance with BS EN 1634-1:2014 (timber) – 120 minutes.

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