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Park Your Key In Safety

ABUS has added three new Key Garages to the original and very successful two models to increase the flexibility and convenience the range offers to customers who may need to transfer keys safely to other authorised people.

The new 767 Wall and 777 Shackle Key Garages are operated by a push button key pad with a drop down cover. Users can easily set their own pin and know that the keys are hidden in a safe, saw resistant and discretely coloured strongbox. The 767 Wall Key Garage is easily mounted to the wall surface by hidden screws.

The third addition to the range is the 737 Shackle Mini Key Garage with a re-settable four-digit dial combination. It is small, handy and discrete with all the strength of its bigger brothers. The 737 and 777 products both have a removable automatic locking shackle, which is plastic coated to protect paintwork and door furniture. 

ABUS UK’s MD Nick Vanderhoest says: “Our three new Key Garages now complete a comprehensive range that give people a safe, flexible and convenient way to leave keys for people they trust.

“Our Key Garages are strong, sturdy and weather resistance but for security reasons we recommend that Key Garages are only used to store keys for short periods or when required by an authorised person.”

The 737 Key Garage Mini is priced at £22.32 RRP ex. VAT, the 767 Key Garage Wall/Button is £36.53 RRP ex. VAT and the 77 Key Garage Shackle/Button £40.51 RRP ex. VAT. 

For more details contact ABUS UK on 01275 390610 or Alternatively, go to the ABUS UK website at

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