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Abus Padlocks Offer Back To School Solutions

The long summer holidays are the scheduled time for schools and colleges to start making improvements to their security needs.

In a report on understanding crime in schools the Home Office has stated:

More and more pupils are bringing mobile phones onto school property. Along with cash, these have become a prime target for theft, often being stolen from bags or coats. Changing rooms are a hot spot for theft. Inadequate lockers in many schools make the problem worse and some schools have no lockers at all. Many young people also reported that they would not cycle to school because inadequate lock-up solutions on school grounds made theft and vandalism of bicycles easy.

Figures from Gloucestershire constabulary suggest that 75% of all recorded crime in schools is opportunistic and with insurance companies such as Zurich Municipal promoting the use of lockers as part of their security guidance for schools there is an increasing trend towards investment in lockers. This represents a significant opportunity for well-informed locksmiths to ensure that any security investment that a school or LEA might make is balanced to offer the dual demands of security and design. 

ABUS offer a wide range of Back to School padlocks perfect for the youth market, that conform to the Home Office’s Design Out Crime brief to provide secure and attractive products. 

Bright, colourful and personalisable locks that are robust enough to handle the rigours of the school year are available in combination and keyed versions, but all too often locker padlocks have to be cut off in a costly and unnecessary waste of resources where combinations have been forgotten or keys have been lost.

ABUS remove this concern with the ever popular 65/30 & 40mm padlocks available master-keyed or the 158KC. This unique combination padlock not only enables each child to set their own PIN but offers a master override that resets the padlock to this individual combination – perfect for Head Teachers and managers in any leisure facility.

The durable 158KC padlock is saw resistant, with a hardened steel shackle, and internal disc cylinder giving it maximum resistance against picking making it the perfect solution for any security conscious education provider.  

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