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World-beating Squire Stronghold® SS100 range expands

It doesn’t get any tougher than Squire’s ultra heavy-duty Stronghold® SS100 padlock, and now there’s a bigger choice.

The super-hero SS100 is recognised as the world’s strongest production padlock.  And it is the only padlock ever to achieve The Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) SR4 standard.

The LPCB is the leading international certification body in building research, security and fire protection. LPCB approval is recognised by governments and regulatory authorities across the world and provides confidence that security systems will give protection against criminal intrusion and terrorist attack.

Stronghold® SS100S and SS100CS are the first ever padlocks (not sold as a set) to achieve LPCB SR4, the highest rating.

Made in Britain, Squire’s SS100 padlock is designed for commercial premises where extra high security is a priority for facilities managers and specifiers – for example, perimeter gates, warehouses, outbuildings, shipping containers, heavy machinery and commercial vehicles.

This outstanding dual cylinder padlock with open and closed shackle versions is 100mm wide and is the only padlock ever to achieve LPCB SR4 rating (not as a set).

The benefit of the dual cylinder system is it offers a wide range of different uses. The system can have ‘same key’ cylinders, where both cylinders operate under the same key.  They can be keyed to differ, where the padlock uses two different keys to operate it, and both versions can be keyed-alike and master-keyed.

The SS100CS (closed shackle version) features a mega 4.3kg solid steel lock body that is capable of a tensile pull of over 24 tonnes (independently tested) – equivalent to taking the weight of two London double decker buses.

The Stronghold® brand stands for top level performance.  This is Squire’s premium range of extra high security padlocks, padbars, chains, lock and chain sets and keysafes.

Designed, engineered and made in Britain, it is unrivalled in strength and durability.

The Stronghold® padlock range comes in many sizes and shackle variants, and includes solid hardened steel lock body, electrophoretic anti-corrosion finish, hardened boron alloy steel shackle, anti-drill protection and high corrosion resistance for harsh environments.

As a brand, Stronghold® added reassurance that the padlocks themselves have been tested in-house, as proof they can withstand the harshest of attack.

Plus, most of the extra high security Stronghold® range has the added benefit of tested and approved to the highest global standards by Sold Secure, CEN and LPCB, and supported by Secured by Design.  Testament to the company’s reputation for long lasting toughness.

New STH100 padbar

Now Squire has expanded its Stronghold® family with the launch of its toughest ever padbar specifically designed for use only with the SS100CS padlock.

The STH100 padbar with hardened hasp and staple is one of the strongest on the market.

It is designed for extra high security commercial and industrial use – storage areas, warehouses, gates and doors.

This heavy-duty, CEN grade 6 padbar body is made from a special hardened cast material which makes it ultra-strong against cutting, and the hardened staple rotates for extra resistance to attack.

Importantly, when used together with Squire’s SS100CS padlock, these two very high specification products achieve LPCB (Loss Prevention Certification Board)* SR4 standard, giving confidence they deliver protection against criminal intrusion and terrorist attack.

Measuring 184 x 86mm (32mm high), the STH100 is easy to fit and offers superior protection above any normal hasp and staple.

Toughness guaranteed

The Squire name has been at the forefront of lock making since 1780, with a great British history carried down through eight generations.

The historic company is recognised for some of the most technologically advanced lock designs on the market for home, commercial and two-wheel security – cylinders, padlocks, combination locks, multi-purpose lock and chain sets, security cables, bolts, hasps and staples, and security accessories.

And its range of top security products are tested to global security and fire safety standards to ensure the finest tolerances, reliability and outstanding performance.