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Van Security Protects Mental Health and Your Tools

We are all different, and studies show that we all have varied emotional responses to the same situations. Being a victim of crime is no different.

Many people are surprised by the psychological impact being a victim of even a non-violent crime

One in three tradespeople become victims of tool theft at some point, and though many perpetrators see this as a “victimless crime” because most tradesmen are insured, that is very far from the truth.

Locks 4 Vans understand the true cost of tool theft.  We have previously written about how the financial impact of tool theft goes beyond direct replacement value of tools and stretched to the impact of the crime on ability to work, profitability and business growth.

We also recognise how the impact of tool theft also goes beyond the financial, as 71% of tradespeople who have been a victim of tool theft say their experience has had a negative effect on their mental health.

The human cost of tool theft is perhaps even more important than the financial

When someone’s livelihood and reputation are affected, they may find themselves unable to provide for their families, and for many, this can mean being left with feelings of depression or anxiety.

In their guide about how crime can affect you, Victim Support outlines the myriad of emotions someone can experience when they are a victim of crime, including feelings of strong emotions like anger, blaming yourself or obsessing over what you could have done differently. For many, the physical symptoms can include headaches and insomnia, and long-term anxiety and depression.

According to research by the Federation of Master Builders, most UK builders have, at some point, been victims of tool theft in the past decade. Key results from their research into tool theft reveal:

  • More than three quarters (83%) of UK builders have had their tools stolen
  • More than one in three incidents involved theft from vans (38%)
  • The most common value of the loss was £2,500. One in ten builders said that they had at least £10,000 worth of tools stolen, and 2% said they had at least £20,000
  • 15% of builders in the survey suffer from anxiety, one in ten builders (11%) went on to suffer from depression and some reported experiences of panic attacks and suicidal thoughts
  • These feelings are particularly common when tradespeople are repeat victims

Rob Gray, Chairman of the Auto Locksmith Association (ALA), said; “The FMB research is alarming and more measures need to be put in place to help stamp out van crime.   Time and time again our members are having to deal with the results of tool theft, and it doesn’t matter whether the vehicle is part of a fleet or belongs to a small business, the impact of crime is the same and often causes lasting damage both psychologically and financially.   

Claiming on insurance can be a lengthy process meaning that you either have to borrow tools or scrape together money to buy new ones while waiting for possibly weeks for your insurance to pay out.  You also have to take into account the additional costs involved in having to repair your van, and the loss of working days whilst this is being done.”

Gray concluded; “If only thieves could realise the underlying damage they are causing when they are stealing someone’s livelihood.  With more high security automotive security deterrents on the market, now is a good time to speak to a professional locksmith and find out how best to keep your van and your tools safe.”

A robust supplementary van locking system can provide added security and peace of mind, and prevent you from being a victim of van crime. Locks 4 Vans is the UK’s leading manufacturer and supplier of high-security van theft deterrents and with nearly 20 years’ experience are also undoubtedly the primary experts in van security.  To find out more about how we can help give you peace of mind, take a look at our products.