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Unlocking restrictions in Ireland

My name is Morgan O Donovan I’m the current chairman of the Irish Locksmith Organisation for the last two years. I really enjoy reading not only your intros; but also the articles so I wanted to send you our Irish perspective of the Covid crisis…

As a direct result of the Covid crisis, we have been unable to arrange our usual scheduled training days for our members; however we have now see the importance  of our online presence through our what app groups to keep in touch and organise webinar courses.

Our locksmith sector has undergone a number of changes since being regulated in 2017; one of these effects is being seen during the crisis as we have been allowed to do emergency call out services while  those of us who also have shops must keep the shop closed for the duration of the lock down.

Our locksmithing sector has been recognised as an integral service.

Recently the Irish Government has published a road map to reopen certain shops here in Ireland; locksmith shops are classified as hardware providers.

As a result, locksmiths shops will be one of the first allowed shops allowed open once they can comply with Covid-19 guidelines, beginning 18th May.

The plan sets out five stages for unlocking restrictions at three-week intervals.

Outdoor workers like builders and gardeners will be able to return to work.

Some retail outlets – such as garden centres, hardware stores, electrical stores, homewares and repair shops – will reopen at this point.

Some outdoor sporting activities, in small groups with a maximum of four people, will also be allowed.

Outdoor public sports amenities such as football and rugby pitches, tennis courts and golf courses will be reopened where social distancing can be maintained

Outdoor public amenities and tourism sites where people are “non-stationary” and can maintain social distancing

It will also be possible to meet up to four friends and family from other households outdoors while maintaining strict social distancing

I hope you all stay safe and well during these uncertain times.

Covid-19 the Irish perspective from the Chairman of the Irish Locksmith Organisation Morgan O Donovan.