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Why underfloor safes are making a comeback in 2019

Underfloor safes are perfect if you’re looking for a secure, discreet storage solution. We’re seeing a resurgence in sales of underfloor safes in 2019, and here’s why…

The Phoenix Charon Series with round door and optional deposit feature.

1) They’re completely discreet

The great thing about underfloor safes is that most people will have no idea you have one, unless they already know it’s there. There are 100 ways you can cover them up, depending on how creative you want to get. You can cover it with furniture, chuck a rug over it, adapt wooden flooring to cover it, place it under a carpet tile; there are endless ways to make your underfloor safe completely discreet.

Unless a burglar already knows where your underfloor safe is, they’ll have a harder time finding it than your traditional safe.

2) They’re difficult to move

With a traditional safe, a burglar can either try and force their way into the safe on site, or they can try and take it with them, to be opened at a later date. Depending on how securely the safe is bolted down and how heavy it is can determine how achievable this is.

With underfloor safes, having it cemented into the ground makes it nearly impossible for unprepared burglars to take your safe with them, reducing the chance of a successful burglary.

3) They’re space savers

Some people like the idea of having a safe, but don’t have a lot of space to house one. When it comes to installing a traditional safe, you’d ideally have somewhere that’s out of plain sight, has enough room for adequate door swing, and that it can be properly secured. With the average home getting smaller and an increase in businesses working in smaller spaces, it can be hard to find a suitable location to place your safe.

Having an underfloor safe removes most of these issues, because it’s in a location that you generally wouldn’t have been making use of otherwise. This allows you to have a secure space to store cash and valuables without taking up valuable space.

4) They’re great for cash storage

Deposit features make underfloor safes an excellent solution for cash handling

Some underfloor safes, like the Phoenix Tarvos Series, have optional deposit slots and deposit capsules that can be used to place cash and other small items into the safe, without having to open the safe door. The Tarvos deposit slots have an anti-fish design, meaning that once you’ve made your deposit it can’t be taken back out again through the slot.

Having a deposit slot also means multiple people can make use of the deposit feature without having to ever be given access to the safe itself, making it ideal for businesses with multiple staff members who are responsible for handling cash.

5) They can be insured

With underfloor safes being a great place to store cash, it’d make sense that you’d want to insure it. If you do want to insure your underfloor safe it’s important to make sure you’re buying one that’s cash rated.

Making sure your safe is cash-rated means it can be adequately insured to meet your needs. The Phoenix Charon Series for example can be insured for up to £17,500 in cash, or £175,000 in valuables. This can help you to feel confident that you can store large amounts of cash safely, and know you’re protected in between trips to the bank.

It’s important to check with your insurance underwriter before you commit to purchasing any safe however, as cover can vary depending on your location and other factors.


If you’re looking for a safe that’s discreet and secure, takes up minimal space, and stays out of sight and out of mind – it may be time to consider an underfloor safe.

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