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The U-Safe safety cable provides a very sturdy yet easy to install solution – in line with the applicable standard EN 12604 – that fully respects the aesthetics of the gate.

For many years, Locinox has been committed to increasing production quality and safety during and after installation of fences and gates.

Locinox’s Lieven Pieters commented: “Safety is playing an ever more important role in product development. As a manufacturer, we see it as our duty to guarantee that the environment of a gate fitted with our products is always safe. Accidents or bad installations can’t always be prevented – despite the exceptional quality of our products and the professionalism of our partners. But with the new U-Safe, you can be just that little bit more certain that nothing can happen if a hinge fails.

“Locinox developed the U-Safe so that it meets the requirements of the European Standard EN 12604. This standard prescribes that swing gates should be constructed in such a way that the leaf can never deviate more than 300 millimetres from the hinge axis, if one of the load-bearing parts (read: a hinge) fails. This is possible with a third hinge, or with a fall protection like the U-Safe.”

Simply put, the U-Safe is a stainless steel cable with two Quick-Fix fixings. It is attached to both the gate post and the leaf, close to the upper hinge of the swing gate. If the hinge should break (off), for whatever reason, the U-Safe prevents the leaf from falling over. The cable has a pulling force of 1500 kilograms and the Quick-Fix fixings have been tested for up to 1000 kilograms each. With the U-Safe, you can protect gate leaves of up to 500 kilograms against falling over.

“We wanted a solution that was suitable for any gate in terms of looks,” added Pieters. “The new U-Safe has a minimalist design and can be neatly attached to the inside of the gate. This means it is also suitable for gate leaves with a closed filling. The steel cable has a sturdy transparent protective cover, to prevent damage to the leaf and the post.”