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Powered Internal Doors

By now, most people are aware of the ramifications of the 2010 Equality Act. Entrance doors are an obvious area for consideration but, all too frequently, the consideration stops there. Once inside a building, disabled users become second class citizens again.

Most of us take for granted the simple task of opening a door either for ourselves or to a visitor. But try it in a wheelchair or with a Zimmer frame in your hands. Elderly and disabled users are often dependent on the help of others whenever they try to move around. In nursing and residential homes they can be effectively imprisoned in their rooms – or robbed of their privacy as doors are propped open. Fully automatic doors are not practical in this environment. PIR Sensors would operate whenever someone passed by or as the resident moved about their room. Buttons or switches near the door are of no use if the door opens towards you and sliding doors take up too much wall space.

The best solution is to fit powered door operators activated by a personal, portable control unit that can be mounted on a wheelchair or Zimmer frame or carried on a necklace or wristband. This not only gives personal freedom to users but even allows them the courtesy of opening doors for others. Visitors to their rooms can knock and wait for the door to be opened rather than letting themselves in. A small point perhaps but related directly to personal dignity and independence.

The Relcross 1000 series is an electrically powered low-energy swing door operator. It provides easy access for people with disabilities, the elderly or the frail and is designed for doors where automated opening is available by default for all users. Opening and closing speeds are adjustable and the microprocessor controller ensures reliability. There is an automatic safety stop mechanism that is activated immediately if the door makes contact with an obstacle and it can be wired to a fire alarm system and would then automatically close the door after a timed delay in the event of an alarm.

The system is suitable for medium to low traffic interior and exterior doors and is ideal for care homes, hospitals, private dwellings, offices, retail premises or schools.

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