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Phoenix Safe announce updates to Vela SS0800 Series

Phoenix Safe have announced a series of improvements to their popular Vela SS0800 range of safes, with improved security and usability being the focus of the updates.


The biggest change you will notice on the Vela is the redesigned keypad. The former flat, soft button fascia has been replaced with a raised design to provide a more tactile experience when operating the keypad, allowing users to enter their combinations with more confidence and less inaccuracies.


The programming of the Vela has also been updated, providing a faster, easier experience when resetting the electronic lock back to its factory settings. Previously to reset the electronic lock back to its factory settings, the user had to unscrew the back of the door panel and remove the battery compartment to access the internal master reset. With the new improved design and programming, the user can reset the safe back to its factory setting from a reset button, now found inside the battery compartment. This saves the user time and effort making for a much smoother experience when resetting their safe.


Usability isn’t the only thing that Phoenix have improved with their latest update – there has also been a focus on further improving the security of the safe. The addition of a new swing bolt into the locking mechanism makes it even more difficult than before for potential thieves to break into the safe – providing extra peace of mind.

The Vela Range

The Vela is designed as a general purpose security safe suitable for the home or office, with a £1,000/£10,000 recommended cash and valuable rating. It’s available in five sizes depending on the user’s needs, and there is also a version available with a deposit slot.

You can learn more about the Vela range at