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Mul-T-Lock’s CLIQ® Go presents new opportunity for locksmiths

Mul-T-Lock has launched its new CLIQ® Go access control system, which offers a new subscription-based revenue stream for locksmiths.

CLIQ® Go is a future-proof electronic locking solution designed especially for locksmiths, giving them, and their customers, the ability to manage their access control via an app. With complete control, and a stock of blank keys and cylinders, CLIQ® Go allows locksmiths to respond instantly, helping to deliver a value-added service to their clients, direct from their mobile phone anytime, anywhere.

Mul-T-Lock’s CLIQ® Go system is the ideal solution for a variety of applications, such as within small independent shops with a handful of staff who all need access at varying times, or for GP surgeries which require individual permissions for access to storage rooms holding medical supplies.

The high security eCLIQ® cylinders are easy to configure and install, being suitable for all door types with no cabling required.

CLIQ® Go allows locksmiths to build a strong connection with their customers, since only the locksmith who originally created the system can extend it. This therefore provides locksmiths with a subscription-based revenue stream, which also helps meet their customers’ ever-changing needs.

Mul-T-Lock’s CLIQ® Go system is the ideal solution for locksmiths to support their small to medium-sized business customers. For more information call 01902 364200, email or visit