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Moving forward with great optimism

Door & Hardware Federation (DHF) is moving into summer 2020 with great optimism for the remainder of the year, buoyed, in part, by its continuing training initiatives.

Developing its successful online training courses, the pro-active trade association has now progressed to offering a ‘Distance Learning Programme’ (DLP) in the coming weeks, delivered via Zoom, with delegates attended to by Senior Compliance and Training Officer, Nick Perkins, who will be available to fully guide and tutor them throughout their courses and indeed, until their qualification has been achieved.  Examinations can be taken via the online facility, with both one and two-day courses available.  This will enable those at a distance to maintain their training and obtain the necessary qualifications for them to progress their careers and remain compliant.

DHF has been particularly active during the COVID-19 pandemic, responding adeptly to the ever-changing circumstances, whilst finding a successful balance between safety and continuing to provide the exceptional training for which it has become renowned.

Working hard behind the scenes during lockdown, it has not compromised its offering of advice and guidance, nor the training it has provided.  On 1st June, the organisation reinstated its face-to-face training sessions at its on-site facility at Tamworth, and from 4th July, will be increasing course attendee numbers on-site from six to 10.

As Head of Commercial Operations, Patricia Sowsbery-Stevens, explains, uptake for both online and face-to-face learning has been extremely positive:

“DHF is revered industry-wide for its exceptional training offering, and the onset of COVID-19 has not diminished our on-going desire to retain our position as industry leaders.  We have continued to put delegates first in every way possible, ensuring that those partaking in distance learning have received all training materials in the post prior to their sessions, and Nick has been available to support trainees at every step.  Unquestionably, a further positive to distance learning is that delegates are not only limiting their time away from the workplace, but reducing their carbon footprint, which can only be a good thing.”

In addition, DHF is offering a 10% discount on its first year of membership, open until 31st July, and has continued to welcome new members throughout the lockdown period.