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“Our job is to make sure that van thieves cannot do their job”

Theft of trade tools and vehicles are not only devastating acts of crime, but can cause short term and long term damage to business; the immediate impact being that of the initial theft but the long term being loss of earnings through cancelled jobs, replacement kit and rising insurance rates.

Now, with a recent Logistics UK report on vehicle theft recording that the average cost of contents stolen per van was up from £549 to £575 in the first half of 2020, plus nearly 70% of people surveyed incurring financial costs or 58% reporting productivity loss, TVL Security is urging tradesmen and van drivers to make it even tougher for thieves to get their hands on (and in) their vans and providing locksmiths with all the tools they need to help them do it.

Here, TVL’s Luke Powell, takes us through three different OBD products plus a new anti scan wallet that both make it very difficult for wannabe van thieves to drive off in your vehicle…

“TVL’s research and development team has more than 85 years experience in security,” begins Luke, “so between us, we have seen and heard of almost every type of vehicle crime and theft. As vehicle manufacturers think of new ways to update their vehicles’ specifications, so we must upgrade our methods of preventing crime. Unfortunately, burglars and thieves are also masters of diversification, which means as well as keeping up with car and van designs we need to stay one step ahead of the criminals.

“As well as working with the Police to keep our eye on current theft ‘trends’, working behind the scenes on the latest designs and developments, the final piece of the crime prevention puzzle is making sure that locksmiths and auto locksmiths are up to speed with all the different kit; making it even easier for them to stock, install, and of course, sell to their customers.”

OBD Port Protection

“Every vehicle has an OBD Port, but there are three (main) different ways in which they can be compromised by a thief to drive away your car.  Thieves have discovered a new way to steal vehicles by overriding the manufacturer’s immobilisation system by connecting a Laptop / PDA / EDI Key into the OBD Socket and bypassing the vehicles built in immobiliser.

“TVL has a Code Operated, Electronic, and Key Operated version of the OBD Port Protector, depending on the make and model of the car or van. The installation is non-invasive, making it a simple fit for the locksmith and a no-brainer for the customer.”

Code Operated

The patented, lockable OBD Port Protector encompasses the OBD Port Plug in a secure box which is opened by entering the correct 4-digit code, preventing thieves from stealing your vehicle by this method. Non-invasive installation means the product is easily installed for instant protection with no special tools.


This passively armed electronic OBD port immobiliser disarms the OBD port by disabling CANBUS communication between the ECU and the OBD port itself. This means when the immobiliser is in its passive armed state the OBD port cannot be used to connect to the vehicles ECU to overcome the vehicle immobiliser and/or program blank keys to start the vehicle.

Key Operated

The patented, lockable OBD Port Protector encompasses the OBD Port Plug in a secure, key operated box preventing thieves from stealing your vehicle by this method. Select your vehicle from the below to check compatibility.

Anti-Scan Wallet

“Something which auto locksmiths can keep in their vans and locksmiths can stock in their shops, is the TVL Anti-Scan Wallet, which protects a key’s signal when placed inside by cloaking the signal in its special lining.

“Keyless car/van technology is not new, however equipment available on the market which extends the signals emitted by the remote are now more affordable and accessible in an unregulated market. The pouch has been tested by TASSA for 10,000 cycles to prove longevity and that the effectiveness of the lining doesn’t degrade with use.

“Homeowners are turning to specialised key safes at home to protect their vehicles from this form of theft, but the Anti-Scan Wallet means that keys can also be ‘cloaked’ when out and about.”