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Helping to shape the nation’s security and safety standards

SSAIB (Security Systems and Alarms Inspection Board) is the leading certification body for organisations providing security systems and services and/or fire detection and alarm systems.

Founded in 1994, SSAIB promotes high standards of service and is focused on serving the certification needs of organisations providing fire safety and security-related services throughout the UK and the Republic of Ireland.

SSAIB certification is a mark of excellence. Their approach is inclusive of small and larger providers alike and they have some 1,850 companies registered, which means that they represent the greatest number of security service providers in the sector.

Third-party certification plays an increasingly important role in enabling firms to compete in the marketplace, while access to some market sectors may be conditional on having it.

Through participation in standards development at national and European level, SSAIB helps to shape the nation’s security and safety standards – thus being able to inform and thereby informing others of standard issues that might impact upon service providers and end-users.

SSAIB continue to review the range of schemes they offer to ensure that they meet the needs of both the marketplace and registered firms.

SSAIB schemes, which comply with all Police policies (England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic), both serve and rely upon good working relationships with a number of influential groups within the sectors in which they operate, not least the Police, fire services, insurers and industrial and commercial clients.

Insurers – often as a condition of their underwriting – place particular demands on security and fire safety system providers. In the event of an incident, insurers will need to be satisfied that all reasonable precautions have been taken to mitigate risk.

The costs associated with losses in the aftermath of an incident are not just limited to the immediate losses; such incidents often lead to longer term consequential losses to the business.

However, by becoming an SSAIB-certificated installer, this will minimise the likelihood of such events from happening and demonstrate that all reasonable steps have been taken to prevent it.

SSAIB offers a wide range of certification schemes to meet the needs of service providers, regulators and customers.  To find out more information, please visit